9 July 2015

Daily Drawings : OOTD, Korean Makeup and Modern Hanbok

Hello! After that really long ten-years-of-manga rant yesterday, here's some daily drawings of my life in Korea, more OOTD and makeup sketches and a Korean hanbok illustration to change the mood! Beauty ramblings ahead!

These finish up the month of June, and I'll catch up with the current date soon! (by virtue of not actually having done these everyday............)

Of course, I DO draw every day, and a lot at that, but it's mostly commissioned artwork, which leaves little time for small daily sketches like these. But I really enjoy creating them as a form of diary and my attempt at a 'beauty blog', haha!

Tuesday, the 30th of June, didn't end that well, as I carried that virus (?) well into the first week of July, which did mess up my schedule a lot.

The village where I live (on the eastern side of Jeju island) is relatively 'foreigner free', as most of the people coming to Korea to study or teach or work live in the bigger cities. While tourists do cross my way, it's the first time I actually ran into someone living here for a long time!

watercolor illustration korean makeup and OOTDOn saturday, I finally felt a lot better and celebrated by dolling up (a little) and eating a LOT with friends. Also, thanks to the monsoon, I had to destroy some weeds which were in turn destroying my garden... so this 'Outfit of the Day' was more on the practical side, with protective leggins and socks and lots of layers to adjust from outside to inside temperatures.

I rarely use BB creams anymore, though I loved them some years ago! They've lost their place to sunscreen-only on days I work outside a lot, CC cream on days when I need to look presentable and awake for work in the Cafe but am too lazy to actually apply foundation... And then, for the days I actually try to create something one could call flawless skin, I reach for one of my foundation cushions, as they apply so quickly and easily!
korean makeup illustration
But this doesn't mean that the innisfree Long Wear BB cream is bad or anything! It has a really nice yellowish, warm undertone (not the feared grayish hue some of the early-days BB creams sported) and it does what its name promises: It stays on all day, without fading. I like to mix this BB cream with sunscreen or moisturizer to apply it very thinly, as it does give quite high coverage if applied purely. On sunny days, I apply the Nature Republic sunblock with aloe and 50SPF because I'm obsessed with sun protection.

korean makeup illustration

The creamy tint lipsticks by innisfree are some of my all-time favorite lip products. They aren't glossy, which is perfect for somebody like me who drinks and eats ALL THE TIME and looses any sort of glossy effect within three seconds of applying anyway.
Even after eating and drinking, the creamy tint lipsticks leave a nice tint on the lips, so I don't have to bother with reapplying throughout the day.

Number 20 is a coral shade which looks nearly like a neon color when applied strongly, but it's an understated color all the same. It's eye-catching, but still works well with minimal makeup.
korean makeup illustration

And minimal it was, because there goes my eye makeup, haha.
The mono eyes eyeshadows by aritaum are really popular in Korea, so I really want to buy more shades. For now, I have only two (1+1 sale, HAH!), with one of them being this simple brown shade called 'earth'. It has some really, really slight glitter in it, and works perfectly as a base color all over the lid or just along the lashline (I use it like a very soft version of eyeliner).

Go to leesle.com to see the original design for this hanbok!
Recently, I've seen more and more girls wearing simple, modernized hanboks. Especially here on Jeju these seem to be getting popular, maybe because they fit the countryside and vacations so well?
When I asked around, it seems most of them got the hanboks from a brand called 'leesle'. If you look at their website, you can see their promotional image, on which this little illustration was based.

I'd really love to wear one of their designs! They are so simple, pretty and look perfect for summer!

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