18 August 2015

REVIEW : Aritaum Color Lasting Tint and a lot of FUCHSIA

I think this is my first makeup review post! Swatches and favorites are one thing, but actually giving a coherent review? We'll see how that goes.

Korean Makeup Review - Aritaum Color Lasting Tint Fuchsia Royal #7 Watercolor Illustration
Aritaum has some amazing lip products (and don't even get me started on their eyeshadows...) and the Color Lasting Tints are among their newest collections. If I remember correctly, they came out at the end of spring, and I waited forever to get one on sale...

I went with shade #7, called Fuchsia Royal, because it was the most eye-catching color and certainly not a shade I already owned.

You can see their official swatches on the aritaum website, but I think they didn't do a particularly great job with those promotional pictures. Like, I KNOW that lip colors aren't really all that different, but I'd like the company that's selling them to at least HELP me justify why I need to buy more than one. Their swatches all look extremely similar, which might be due to the generous use of Photoshop.

... on to the Fuchsia Royal!

Korean Makeup Review Aritaum Color Lasting Tint in #7 Royal Fuchsia Product Photo

The packaging is simple and clean and very sturdy. I've always liked Aritaum's packaging. No lipbalm caps ever got lost, no tint ever leaked, no eyeshadow cracked. It just feels high-quality, despite the lower-range pricing.

(The Color Lasting Tint retails for 8,000 Won and I got it with 30% off...)

It also shows a pretty exact match for the color on those deco elements, so if I ever buy more shades of these, it will be easy to tell them apart. The name and number of the color is printed on the back of the tube.

Korean Makeup Review Liptint Aritaum Color Lasting Tint in #7 Royal Fuchsia Doefoot Applicator Product Photography

When I open the packaging, the first thing to notice is the scent. I can't pinpoint it, as I'm terrible with perfumes of any kind, but it's somewhere in between raspberry and candy and shampoo and I have no idea IGNORE THIS PLS. It is sweet, though. The scent doesn't last when the product is applied to the lips.

Korean Makeup Review Liptint Aritaum Color Lasting Tint in #7 Royal Fuchsia Doefoot Applicator

The doe foot applicator of this tint is slightly wider than the bottle's opening, so when taken out, any excess product gets rubbed off on the inside of the bottle. This makes for really easy application! The amount of tint on the applicator is just perfect for coating the entire lips and as there's no excess product on the sides of the applicator, it's easy to blend out the color near the lipline. Normally I blend using my fingers, which can get a bit messy, but Aritaum did well on this one, seriously!

Korean Makeup Review Liptint Lip Product Aritaum Color Lasting Tint in #7 Royal Fuchsia Swatch

Swatch time! The tint is really glossy at first, and the shine lasts well into the day if I don't eat or drink. ...... I need my hourly coffee infusion, though, so for me at least, the shine is gone rather quickly.

The color, though. I swatched this in the morning and now it's evening and I've washed dishes and cleaned stuff and scrubbed my hands furiously but that streak of pink is still there.
EDIT: 48 hours and two showers later it was still faintly there. I gave up and used eye makeup remover on it.

This is how it looks just after application. I dabbed it onto the center of my lips and then blended the color towards the lipline. The applicator is very precise (I don't like to have a 'gradient' lip, as it tends to make my lips look ~wobbly~) and the color is easy to blend despite the high pigmentation!

The Color Lasting Tints seem creamy when on the applicator, but when applied, they look rather watery. The Fuchsia Royal one is INTENSE. I'm blinded by the pigmentation.
It also feels really nice, not sticky or drying.

This is what's left at the end of the day, ten hours, two meals, several cups of coffee and tea as well as some distracted lip-rubbing later (I always lean my chin on my hand while working which is a terrible habit...). The color is still there, in the form of a bright pink. It's decidedly cool-toned and fades prettily and evenly, neither accentuating dry patches nor lip 'wrinkles'.

On my lips it's quite a vibrant, dark fuchsia shade. I've got pale lips and tints tend to really show up well! In this case, that's kind of intimidating.

My modus operandi for lip tints is to just slap them on in the morning when I have to work and then maybe reapply once evening rolls around. They are low-maintenance, usually look quite natural, and I normally just pair them with sunscreen and filled-in eyebrows.

THIS ONE, THOUGH. While definitely low-maintenance in that it's long-lasting and not requiering touch-ups, it DOES look strange in combination with my no-fuss makeup. It's eye-catching and a bit of a statement color, and my face is normally not one for ~fashion statements~.

So I feel like this color should be combined with some foundation (or maybe just perfect skin haha), neutral blush, eyeliner, mascara, the whole shebang, so that it doesn't look out of place. It would be perfect for a long day out in the city, eating and drinking without needing to worry about smeared or faded color.

It's perfect for summer, but could be toned down with some lipbalm layered on top or another color as a gradient to fit the cooler seasons.

So, as a fazit of sorts for the Color Lasting Tint:

The shine is high, the pigmentation higher, and the wear-time fabulous. (I need to attack it with some high-duty mascara/makeup remover to get it off.)

The shade #7 Fuchsia Royal is a gorgeous color that DOES NOT fit natural makeup looks, but would look fabulous with some sleek/chic makeup that I'm not able to pull off. :'D

I'd love to buy one or two more natural shades, but I'll have to go to the store to actually swatch them, because the promotional pictures are kind of just one shade of coral, one shade of pink, and some red at the end. It is the most long-wearing formulation I've found among Korean lip tints so far and I'm curious if the lighter colors can keep up with Fuchsia Royal's crazy pigmentation and staining power!

UPDATE: I went and bought #13 The Red and #2 Baby Wink, which I'll review soon!

Also, you can now find some of my makeup illustrations in the form of stickers and prints in my Etsy Shop - I'll add more as time goes by.


  1. uh...firstly, your illustrations are beautiful???? I mean, seriously, this is amazing! I so wish I could draw. I've been getting into Korean makeup lately, mostly due to a lot of binge watching a Korean drama my friend kept pushing at me, and then there's the fact that I started this one amazing makeup artist on youtube that's Korean. I've been obsessed with their lip tints and this one looks beautiful! The colour is straight up my alley - it actually reminds me of one of my favourite MAC lipsticks, Speak Louder???? I actually can't wait to raid the Korean makeup stores when I go back to Taiwan in the near future! Xxxx

    Daphne | subgenre of a dream | bloglovin

    1. omg thank you!! I love drawing, and it's so fun to combine it with makeup!
      Aaah, the Korean drama influence... I don't even watch any actively, but just living in Korea and having a television makes me want to try a lot of different looks (and buy stuffs.......). Which makeup artist do you mean? My personal favorite is Jungsaemmool, but I'm always eager to find more!
      Korean lip tints are really, really good! There's something for every texture, color and finish, and I love collecting them! I mean, I love my lipsticks, too, but for everyday life, tints are just so much more convenient! (...but MAC speak louder totally speaks to me haha)
      Go on a raid, you won't regret it! :D

    2. I don't watch Korean Dramas either but my friend kept pestering me with one and I thought I'd give it a shot. I did not think I'd end up watching all 16 episodes in two days....:/
      I'm curious, a lot of the ladies in the dramas wear a bright lip, is that actually the case in Korea? I love the trend, I'm just wondering how popular on the highstreet it is!

      I don't follow Jungsawmmool but I will look her up, I've only been watching Pony Makeup - she's apparently the makeup artist for CL from 2NE1 so it's more of a fusion of western and korean makeup which I like as there are certain korean trends I'm still not on board with.

      Other than their liptints, I'm also keen to try out their highlighting products because the 'guang' that all the actors and actresses have are beautiful! xxx

    3. Yeah, there are some out there that are seriously addicting! I mostly love to look at all the *~*pretty*~* on screen though! Which one did you binge-watch? :)

      The bright lip is actually really popular! I was so surprised to see it everywhere in Seoul - it's especially bright looking when paired with the very 'pale' base makeup. I love the look, it's so easy and quick but still looks put together.

      Ah, I know Pony. Her videos are so well made and I kinda marathoned them all about a year ago. Love her creative take on makeup! <3
      I think some Korean trends that make it to the internet are really strange - it gives a bit a distorted view on what is actually popular on the streets and in daily life. One example of that would be the gradient lip, which is all over beauty blogs and in every 'Korean Trends You Should Try' list - but I've never actually seen anyone above the age of maybe 18 wear one!

      I'd love to recommend some highlighters, but I've actually just got one (which I really love!). Mostly Korean brands seem to focus on glowy base makeup - primers and foundations and skincare and so on - instead of highlighters to bring in at the end. ^_^

  2. I love long lasting lip tints, I must try this one too. Your blog is so beautiful and wonderful review dear :)

    1. Thank you! For long lasting tints, this is really the best (among lower-end brands) I've found. Give it a try! :D

  3. The color looks wonderful on you I like how the tint still looks amazing at the beginning AND after 10 hours. It's like a new color but it still looks fresh which is quite magical. I'm really enjoying your blog posts and I can't wait to read more :)


    1. Thank you! I'm still not quite sure about that color on me, sometimes I feel like a magical porcelain doll (lol) and sometimes just extremely pale and washed-out, haha. I love how it changes into this more pink, less fuchsia shade over the day!
      I've wanted to start a beauty blog since moving to Korea and starting to get into makeup, so now that I've got some time to spare, I'll be reviewing all my favorites. :)

  4. I really really like fuchsia lip color anything! this color is gorgeous remind me of aritaum wannabe cushion tint in fergie. Great artwork i really like it. Btw how many hours this lip stay?


    1. I'm falling in love with fuchsia, too! I wanted to try their wannabe cushion tint, but then I saw this new collection and bought that instead. ^^
      The second lip swatch picture with the faded color is how it looks after ten hours. It stays on really long in the bright fuchsia color - about six hours at least before it starts fading!

    2. This is so tempting i really wanna buy it now! like once again your artwork is really beautiful. Thank you so much for answering!

    3. Thank you~ I'm still looking for a illustration style to perfectly fit a beauty blog ^^
      I can really recommend this liptint, though! I'd love to try a lot of different colors...

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  6. Omg..so prettyy... Both of ur drawing and color of the lippies.. XD

    1. Thank you! :3 The lip color is really pretty in reality!

  7. your page is so great
    I would be glad if we would make f4f.

    Greetings from Sümi from Blog Hey Kasumi

    1. Hi! Thank you for your kind words :3 *wanders over to your blog*

  8. WOW this color is so stunning! The pigmentation is amazing!

    Mary x

    1. Thanks! It's reallybright and eye-catching, if you want to give it a try ^^

  9. ^__^ I think I wanna rock this for the fall season here in the states! Lovely review, and the shade is absolutely gorgeous on you! <3

    1. Thanks! I still don't use it all that often, but when I do, I love it! :D It's a perfect fall color, too!

  10. Oh wow, die Farbe sieht ja richtig klasse aus! Das Ergebnis auf den Lippen gefällt mir sehr gut. Mit Aritaum Lippenprodukten habe ich aber bisher keine sonderlich guten Erfahrungen gemacht. Aber es waren auch noch nicht sehr viele^^ Vielleicht sollte ich dieser Tint ja doch noch einmal eine Chance geben.. ;) Ich finde deine selbst gemalten Bilder zu den Posts übrigens sehr schön, eine tolle Idee.

    1. Danke! ^^ Da ich den Blog urspruenglich nur fuer Illustrationen nutzen wollte, kam mir die Idee, das mit Beauty zu verbinden. :)
      Welche Aritaum Lippenprodukte hattest du denn ausprobiert? Ich habe zwei Honey Melting Tints rumstehen, aber trotz all dem Hype sind die so gar nichts fuer mich :/ Ansonsten mag ich die Marke aber von den Produkten her sehr! Hab mir unterdessen sogar nochmal einen dieser Color Lasting Tints geholt. :D

    2. Haha genau einen solchen hatte ich auch und war ziemlich enttäuscht davon. Die Farbe an sich fand ich super schön, aber der ganze Rest war nicht so meins.

      Na dann muss ich mir die doch einmal nochmals genauer ansehen, wenn du dir noch einen geholt hast :D

    3. Ja, die Textur fand ich schrecklich! So ... klebrig und dick, das sah nach spaetestens 10 Sekunden nicht mehr gut aus. :/
      Ich mach die Tage das Review fuer die zweite Farbe fertig - die verblasst etwas weniger schoen, aber ist ansonsten genauso knallig! :D

  11. I love these liptints! Im planning to get more too. I think that this fuchsia shade looks so gorgeous on you! Thanks for this detailed review!! ♡ im going to buy some of them soon *-*

    Mindy ♡