29 July 2015

Daily Drawings - Cutting my own Fringe despite Mortal Fear

I did it!

It's already been some odd weeks, but I cut my own hair, as it was in some terrible state of neglect after about a year of wild growth.

Then, caught up in the moment, I decided to actually change up my hairstyle (of >7 years) by cutting myself a fringe.

What could have been a bad life decision turned out pretty well, in fact, for my first try!

It's quite easy, actually! The trick is to seperate the future fringe hair properly (like a triangle shape), not cutting the fringe too wide (because then it gets super blocky and would probably look like that one time in 6th grade when a classmate cut a fringe for me...........) 

I actually re-cut it over the following days as it was a bit too long,
but that's the better alternative to having to grow it out.

For comparison purposes, I'll add photos. 
I actually liked my fringe-free haircut, too, but it just got SO BORING after all these years. And most of the time it just looked flat.

Before (I've got one huge forehead....)
Bonus points for fringes:
No stressing out over bushy eyebrows and the scar on my forehead! :D

Have a wonderful summer! And cut your hair if you're bored! 


  1. Your fringe looks so cute! Great job with the snip and it makes you look younger :). I always end up cutting a fringe every 2 years or so and every time I do I regret it haha. I don't know why I do it to myself!

    1. Thank you so much! (haha I'm still nervous) And it actually does make me look younger. How will I ever buy alcohol without my passport... :')
      But a fringe suits you, too! :D And it's actually quite easy to 'hide' it on bad hair days. ;)

  2. You're cute with this new hairstyle! I like your draw so much! It's so pretty and funny >w< <3

    I'm new here!
    Can we follow ech other? :3
    My blog: http://worldismagiiic.blogspot.fr/

    1. thank you! <3 Looking cute is the best hehe (...as if I'd ever manage to look elegant...) ^^
      I'll follow you! I'm still quite new myself! :)

  3. You're brave and it turned out well! haha I think I cut my own fringe but it didn't look very good.

    1. I'd substitute 'brave' with 'stupid' haha. I already have to re-cut it, my hair grows too fast?!
      Maybe the first time would be safer with a professional ;)

  4. Your poor husband indeed, HAH!
    Back in highschool, I used to cut my own fringe, which almost always ended in disaster because I have straight thick Asian hair and the fringe I was cutting/maintaining at the time was a front and straight fringe WHICH REQUIRES THE FRINGE TO BE COMPLETELY EVEN/STRAIGHT. EASIER SAID THAN DONE!!! Anyways, my imperfect fringe is forever immortalized in my high school graduation photo, and it looks /so/ obvious that I had trimmed it at home LOL T_T (crooked lines)

    ANYWAYS, you're so lucky that your fringe is quite wispy. The fringe is quite cute on you! ;)

    1. Haha, at least I tried on myself first ;)) *labrat*
      Aaaah, highschool DIY haircuts. Everyone has to have suffered at least once through that, right? Straight fringes are like the worst offenders, though! A friend of mine wanted to 'help' me cut it back then and I think at the end I had a fringe about 3 centimeters long MAX. Still having nightmares about that... if you ever want to try again, got with the wispy-uneven thing! No matter how badly you cut, it kind of looks intentional. (AT LEAST I HOPE SO)

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