9 February 2016

Korean Makeup Review - Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick #8 Rosy Latte


Another day, another review - I'm on a review roll this month! Finally some time to go through all the products I've been meaning to review for a while...

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Before I continue with my review series of red-hue eyeshadows, I'll take a little detour through the world of lip products.

Product Photography Korean Makeup Review Innisfree Real Fit
I've gone ahead and put stickers on it...
The packaging is similar to my Creamy Tint Lipsticks, so this combats confusion!
The Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick were the brand's fall release in 2015, and especially the more muted colors (#6-#10) made quite a splash. Perfectly fitted to the season, the colors were elegant and subdued, with some nudes thrown into the mix.

From the official homepage

I'd been wanting to get my hands on one - but, confession time, I'm not a big 'hauler'. I had other lipsticks I was completely happy with and didn't need anything in particular, so I waited... but as I'll be on a small television program end of this month, I was craving an alternative to my usual bright colors - something that would be easy to wear and elegant no matter the time of day or occasion.

After looong deliberation, I went with the main color of the line:

#8 라떼 한잔 로지 Latte Hanchan (meaning: one cup) Rosy, or as the official translation on Amazon goes: Innisfree Real Fit #8 Latte Rosy (*)

Real Fit Lipstick 'A lipstick that instantly covers your lips with a clear color and without a heavy feeling'

Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick #8 Latte Rosy

I just love the name! In Korean, it gives the feeling of ordering a cup of latte. The line also had a Coral Latte and a Pink Latte (#6 and #7) but those looked a bit too pale/nude for me.

Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick #8 Rosy Latte Cup - Product Packaging, Korean Makeup Review

The claims on the packaging:
- light fitting
- clear color
- long lasting
- camellia oil

The whole line is described as lightweight with just one stroke of the lipstick providing intense color.

My expectations were high, and I wasn't disappointed!

The packaging and size are identical to the Creamy Tint Lipsticks from innisfree: Small and compact, very sturdy. One lipstick contains 3.5g of product and retails in Korea for 12,000 \ - I got it on sale for 9,000. If you're in Korea for a while, chances are that you'll catch an innisfree sale weekend. ;)

The color is exactly what I had in mind, even a bit more vivid and pretty than I'd expected. (And yes, one layer is actually pigmented enough!) I'd expected it to be a bit more 'milky', but there's just the right amount of saturation for my taste.

It changes depending on lighting, so here's two swatches: The first one in indirect light, the second one in direct sunlight.

Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick #8 - Swatch

The finish is also very nice - not exactly glossy or creamy like the Colorglow Lipsticks or Creammellow Lipsticks by the same brand, but still with a sheen that makes the lips look moisturized. It does feel lightweight on the lips - after the initial slight stickiness goes away, I couldn't feel that I was wearing lipstick at all. Despite the finish looking moisturizing, the formula itself isn't, so I need lipbalm before applying.

The texture is, for lack of a better word, 'natural'. It looks like my lips would look anyway (ok, I'm being generous here...) just with more color! The 'Real Fit' name suits the feeling.

It's easy to apply just with the lipstick itself, but I still prefer using a brush for final touches.

Colorwise, this could be a MLBB shade for me. It's rosy, a bit muted, with hints of pink and a neutral or even warm undertone - very difficult to catch on camera! Imagine a pink rose petal that has dried, and there you go.

Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick #8 Rosy Latte Cup - Lip Swatch, Korean Makeup Review
The finish reflects light really prettily, without looking heavy or creamy -
maybe I should call it a 'silky' finish?

Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick #8 Rosy Latte Cup - Lip Swatch, Korean Makeup Review
The color is so beautiful in reality - rosy and muted without looking pale.

It does settle ever so slightly into lip lines, but that might just be my lips... I've got that problem with every single lipstick out there.

In direct sunlight, the color becomes a more vibrant rosy pink than I expected.
It does transfer onto cups, but the color itself is surprisingly long-lasting! I'd forgotten to use makeup remover on my arm after swatching, and even after showering the color was left visible till the next day... Not exactly a stain, but it does 'cling' to the skin and lips.

Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick #8 Rosy Latte Cup - Lip Swatch, Korean Makeup Review

Eating did destroy most of the lipstick, though. I went through a huge bowl of Rice Cake Soup for the Lunar New Year, and the center of my lips was wiped clean by it. The outer rims were still intact, though, and reapplication was simple.

If I don't eat (... which is rare lol) the lipstick stays put,
only slightly fading throughout the day.

After five hours and a cup of coffee...
Final Thoughts:

I'd wanted an 'elegant' but subdued, natural color, and I think this fits the bill perfectly.
It's simple to apply, lasts long and flatters my skintone. I'm sure I'll get a lot of wear time out of this, especially during spring! The Real Fit Line was a autumn concept, but the pale rose color should fit light, pastelly spring makeup, too.

While I normally prefer lip tints (for their long lasting formulas) or creamier, more moisturizing lipsticks, the finish of this one looks silky and natural - I'm quite liking it, despite it falling outside of my comfort zone! The same goes for the color, as it isn't my usual fare of bright corals or reds, but very feminine and adaptable. I'll try combining it with some glossier, more saturated colors, as this looks like a perfect base for a gradient lip!
A stupid selfie to complete any post~

Next up will be part 2 of the eyeshadow review series - Mamonde Vivid Touch eyeshadows. I used my two shades for the eyemakeup here, too, so I thought I'd mention that already. :)

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

If you're interested in the stickers, here's the link to my Etsy Shop :D

Korean makeup review, swatches of innisfree real fit lipstick, Spring K-Beauty
Real Fit Lipstick - Innisfree - Rosy Latte


  1. Innisfree lipsticks are always sooo pretty, and don't have a lot, but whenever i buy one, i'm always super satisfied with the color pay-off *-* This one is really the perfect "natural" color to use on a daily basis!! Love it ** (Oh and the stickers are the cutest thing ever!!!)



    1. Aren't they!? I love their simple packaging and the beautiful shades they always come out with! And yes, the color pay-off is so good, especially compared with some other Korean brands I've tried... ^^
      I'm actually using this daily since I bought it! It hasn't gotten boring yet haha~ And thank you, I'm having lots of fun with the stickers! <3

  2. Das ist ja nun lustig, ich habe mir kürzlich zu deinem Lippenstift den passenden Nagellack gekauft und eine Farbe dunkler beim Lippenstift :) Finde die auf jeden Fall sehr gelungen und es sind fast alle Farben wunderschön. Deine gefällt mir auch sehr gut und sie steht dir auch wunderbar.

    1. Oh, die Nagellacke! Die sind auch genau mein Ding - nicht zu hell (das sieht bei mir immer schrecklich aus haha) aber auch nicht zu knallig. #9 war in meiner engeren Auswahl, aber dann doch etwas zu dunkel fuer meine aktuelle Laune ;)
      Am Anfang war ich bei der Textur etwas skeptisch, aber ich mag sie mit jedem Tag noch mehr!

  3. This looks really beautiful on you! I've actually been thinking about these lipsticks along with the CreamMellows(?) last night so your review came just in time! I'm thinking about purchasing #7 Latte Pink because it seems like a really nice nude-y pink colour but after seeing #8 in action, I'm having second thoughts!


    1. Thank you! <3
      The Creammellow ones are still my favorite texture from Innisfree. For dry-lipped people, they are just perfect, as they don't accentuate lip lines and actually combat dryness. Hah~ Have to review my #8 from that line, too, it's so beautiful!
      Latte Pink and Latte Coral are on my wishlist, but I'm a bit scared of pale colors and have read on some Korean beauty blogs that the lighter colors don't apply as well as the darker ones do. (maybe you should get both? haha)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog :o
    Omg your blog is freaking beautiful! Your are so talented *^* I'm getting really jealous xD Everything is so neat and my blog is a whole mess xD You found a new fan and reader here :)

    Anyway, the rosy color is so beautiful *^* The color would look great in Autumn! I wanted to get a lipstick of this line, but I couldn't decide on the color T_T So I gave up lol


    1. No thanks needed, I've been stalking your blog for a while now XD
      Thank you so much! I'm still just kind of throwing everything I like and find pretty on my blog, so I don't feel like it's neat at all haha!

      Actually, me not being able to decide on a color was the main reason why on skipped on this line for half a year. I'm glad I was finally able to just pick one! I just thought that bright colors can be found in nearly every lipstick line, so I went with the subdued one :D Can only recommend to try them~

    2. Stalking me?xD Awww what an honor!! Thank you so much ♡

      Hmm I'm still unsure :D I really want to get the new Glow Tint Stick from Innisfree c:

    3. Only the bloggerverse can make stalking honorable XDD
      I actually bought one of those and love it! It's like a cross between their vivid tint rouge and the color glow lipstick! :D

  5. That color is gorgeous on you! I've never tried anything from Innisfree, but have heard great things- definitely going to have to pick one up now. By the way, LOVE the sticker idea!


    1. Thank you! The color is really flattering for everyone, I believe!
      Innisfree is my favorite for lipsticks and base makeup in that price range - there are of course better products out there, but for like triple the price... and the color selections and textures are always great. :D Thanks! I love making the little stickers!

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