19 May 2016

Innisfree Mineral Single Shadow Review - Eyeshadow Palette and Simple Daily Look

It's been a while! I've been sick for quite some time this month, so I didn't seem to find the time to do a blog post, despite having all the pictures at the ready...

But now there's really way too many pictures dying sad slow deaths on my harddisc, so here we go!

As you might know, I do use a lot of Innisfree's Mineral Single Shadows. While I prefer the Aritaum Mono Eyes Shadows when it comes to pigmentation, I like the more natural shades of the Mineral Single ones better for everyday use.

So recently I took the plunge and bought a large palette case to organise my stash.

This review is a two-parter: A quick look at the palette itself, and at one specific color that I've been loving recently!

First, the palette. As with a lot if not all innisfree products, the design is really simple, with an ivory base color and the logo.

The case does feel a bit clunky, since it's so big. The lid closes very, very securely, aka: I can't open it without nearly breaking off my nails every single time. I mostly just leave it half-closed. Despite that, the case feels sturdy and quite luxurious for the price of 10,000 Won.

There are two other sizes available: A six slot one for 8,000 Won and a three slot one for 6,000 Won. So if you've got a lot of shades and want to organise them without transportability being an issue, you might want to get the largest one. ;)

I've chosen the largest one, with a total of 12 empty slots, one of which is occupied by a black sponge thing to... I don't know what that's really supposed to be. To tap off excess powder? To 'clean' the brush? I'll remove it soon and put another color in that slot, as it's completely useless in my eyes.

Selling point for me was definitely that huge mirror. I now do nearly all my makeup with just that palette propped open on the table.

A quick look at my color selection: You can see I'm a warm color type of girl. Leaving out that odd indie pink shade, I mostly own bronze-brown-orange hues. I've accumulated these over the last three years, so the palette contains shades from the old as well as the new formulations (which, by the way, are a lot better than the old ones).

My most used shade is the one still in its own case, though, since I want to be able to toss it into my pouch if needed. The Mineral Single Shadows come in these small pots that have a little hole on their back that makes depotting very easy - just insert something like a needle into the hole and push, then use the glue in the pot to stick the eyeshadow into the palette.

The palette comes with a double-ended brush that was a positive surprise. While one side is a good ol' sponge applicator, the other side sports an actual mini brush. The bristles are soft and the brush is all nice and fluffy, just large enough to do some emergency blending.

I did go ahead and decorated the case. Huge white spaces do that to me.

The color I wanted to swatch for you is the deep red one in the picture below.

The new shade selection of the Mineral Single Shadows is divided into four parts: A group for matte shades, one for shimmer, one for glitter and one for 'trend' colors that are switched out every season. The red color was part of the Trend selection of last year's autumn release and is called 'Camellia Garden at Dawn'. 

Below you can see the current spring trend colors (I believe they will switch those up soon?) 
I'm eyeing the one in the middle of the top row, since it's called 'Soft Banana Pancake'. :D

Official Innisfree Homepage
While I do own my share of reddish eyeshadows, this one has turned out to be the most wearable for simple, daily point makeup while still being really, really red. Despite being a fall color, it's just bright and shimmery enough to go well with spring or summer, too.

It isn't leaning too much into a burgundy wine color, and has no cool undertones. There's a subtle, slightly golden shimmer and the pigmentation isn't too intense, so I can pull off a one layer wash all over the lid.

I mostly like to use it as a point color at the outer edge of my lid, though. Especially since my fringe is growing out and hiding my eyes, a little splash of color helps to bring them to the foreground.

The new formulations of the Mineral Single Shadows are buttery and hold up really well. I don't need to use an eye primer for these. For a more intense color, you need to layer two or three times.

This is my go-to eyemakeup look when I'm pressed for time, but do want to look like I have makeup on (as opposed to a more natural look).

A wash of my all-time favorite shade all over the lid (the old #22 Cashmere, which has been reformulated and is now shade no #3 of the Matt selection. Looks slightly lighter than the old one, though!) then adding #8 on the outer triangle of my eye, blend to the under eye. Tightline with either a gel liner or, in this case, the Aritaum Micro Brush Pen Liner in black for a very thin eyeline.

To finish the eye makeup, I only add mascara (Innisfree Microcara in brown) or leave my lashes as they are since I'm lazy.

On my lips is the Innisfree Glow Tint Stick in #6.

That's it! Very simple and quick.

Would you like to see more swatches, especially from the new range of eyeshadows? :) I'm terrible with eyemakeup, but swatching, that I can do!

Thank you for reading and see you soon!


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  2. Love ur little doodles tht u turn into stickers! Do u ship internationally?

    1. Thank you ^^ I do, especially since stickers are so easy to ship haha...
      If you're interested, you can find the stickers here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/evydraws?ref=hdr_shop_menu

  3. I just found your blog and I FELL IN LOVE! Your artwork is beautiful!!! I love it! I plan on buying stickers too.

    1. Thank you so much! :D I wasn't so sure how it would be to combine drawings and makeup, but it seems to go together nicely ^_^

  4. this palette is good for sensitive skin ? and is dermatologist tested ?