10 December 2015

Creams, Flowers and Spices - Korean Makeup Winter Favorites

Winter Favorites - Korean Makeup, Chai and Spices!

Winter is here, and I did some major overhauling when it comes to skincare and makeup. I'd used up most of my summer products anyway, so skincare changes were a no-brainer towards heavier, moisturizing products.

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On the makeup front, I'm into creams and reds. 'Dry Flower' makeup was quite popular in Korea this autumn, and I love the muted colors to be found everywhere thanks to that trend.

Mamonde Innisfree Skincare Asianbeauty Korean Makeup Flowers Chai Tea Spices

Instead of flatlay photography, I'm into flatlay illustrations!

I love trying out new ways to present makeup in drawings, and this looks promising to me, especially since I can combine the products themselves with other elements like flowers and, in this case, spices.


It wouldn't be winter without chai tea! I love chai tea of all kinds, but haven't yet found the perfect mix... if anyone has a suggestion on what to buy, or even a recipe, that would be great!


The Innisfree Ginger Oil Rich Serum has been a wonderful discovery. I got it with 40% off thanks to a birthday coupon, which makes this pricey item affordable (though I'm already debating if this would be worth to repurchase at full price...)

As the name suggests, this is a serum - but it's on the heavier, moisturizing side. I've got the 'Rich' version, but there's also a normal version (Innisfree Ginger Oil Serum (*)) for skin that doesn't need that extra moisture boost. Despite the 'oil' in its name, the serum absorbs quickly and doesn't leave any oily residue. It's been incredibly calming for my skin, made some of the early dry flakes disappear and has the nicest ginger scent.

I'd recommend this for people living in dry winter climates with a dry, dehydrated skin type. Innisfree is marketing it as a 'Winter Serum' to keep skin healthy during the cold months. I feel like this really locks the moisture in before I even move on to lotions or creams.

Mamonde Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick Dry Flower Rose Makeup Beauty Illustration
Trying my hand at flatlays... 


This time of the year is all about lipsticks for me.

The Innisfree Creammellow Lipsticks from last year are my go-to choices. I've got the #3 크림 코랄 Cream Coral and #8 촉촉 물 먹은 레드 which translates to something like ... glossy, watery red? Check out my two reviews for swatches!

Mamonde has some really nice lip pencils, and the one I've got is perfect for winter: It's the Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense in #16 Velvet Red (*). Swatches below!
Mamonde had an entire collection of 'Dry Flower' inspired makeup products (as they have 'bouquet' inspired collections - they're generally very flowery) featuring all sorts of muted colors for both eyes and lips, and the look was very popular. Youtube and Naver Blogs are full of tutorials on that - mostly the looks are titled something like 'dried rose makeup' or '말린 장미 메이크업'. I've added my own look and review for two of their shades.

Then, there's the Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick in #5 (*) which is called 'Midsummer Sunshine Red'. I know. Summer. But it's such a nice, matte red shade that isn't too over-the-top for daily wear (swatches below)! It stays on forever and I find it quite fitting to not only summery bright days, but autumn foliage and Christmas decorations. So sue me, this is my winter choice.

Kbeauty Kmakeup Kstyle Makeup Flatlay Innisfree Koreanmakeup Favorites

The one right there. By accident, I put a sticker on it that doesn't really fit... Wanted to put that VDL lipstick sticker on an actual VDL lipstick case, but it wouldn't show up on the black background, so I quickly grabbed the closest lipstick and put it there.

Innisfree Makeup KBeauty Review Beautyblog Creamytint lipstick Redlips

For base makeup, I'm back to my trusty Waterglow Cushion in #13. I'm already too pale for the Mamonde Moisture Mask Cushion I showed you in my last review.

Kbeauty Swatches Innisfree Korean Makeup Beautyblog
Innisfree Gel Liner #8

All Time Favorite Korean Eyeliners: The Innisfree Gel Liner

A creamy and subdued eyeliner choice is the Innisfree Gel Liner #8 (*) 작은 나무 그네 which translates into something along the lines of 'swing on a small tree' or 'small wooden swing' - no idea why they went with that title, but really, it's a nice brown color that doesn't lean too bronze or glittery. Very subtle eyeliner - I use it quite thickly and blend it out a bit, it works like a creamy eye shadow! But doesn't budge after it dried, so you gotta blend quickly. Also a really nice choice for the under eye area.

These Gel Liners are my favorites since - unlike most other brands I've tried - they never dry out or get scratchy.

Innisfree Mamonde Lip Crayon Korean Makeup Beauty KBeauty KStyle Illustration Watercolor Evelyne Park evydraws

As for swatches:

Review KMakeup KStyle KBeauty Korean Innisfree Mamonde Lipstick Redlips Swatch
Swatches for my current favorites! 

On the left: Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense #16 Velvet Red

Middle: Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick in #5 Summer Sunshine Red
(so confusing how both products have 'creamy tint' in their name!

And to the very right, the Innisfree Gel Eyeliner in #8. 

Mamonde Korean Makeup Lipstick Lip Crayon Favorite Lipswatch Review

The shade #16 Velvet Red is quite famous in the Korean Bloggersphere for being a dupe for the Nars lip pencil (in the shade 'Dolce Vita' if I'm informed correctly) but as I've never tried anything from Nars, I can't attest to that. 
I can say that I love the slight brick-red undertone, the semi-matte finish (it looks way more glossy in the photo, it's more of a matte finish in reality) and its long-lasting power! This stays on my lips even through drinking and eating, though it doesn't stain like a lip tint would. Just 'sticks' where it's supposed to be. Also really forgiving when it comes to sinking into lip lines, as long as you keep them really well moisturized before applying. 

Also, it's got a wonderful Bourbon Vanilla smell. I have to stop myself from taking a bite off the lip crayon every single time. 

Mamonde Lipstick Lip Crayon Korean Makeup KStyle KBeauty Review

Aaand it makes me look kind of like a grown-up...!?

The Innisfree Creamy Tint is a great layering color on top of the Mamonde one! 

In the following swatches I've left the base of #16 Velvet Red untouched, just added a layer of #5 Summer Sunshine Red on the inner parts of my lips. Makes the color pop more without being overbearing.

I have to be really careful with red lips - it can kind of turn me into a clown. So I like to tone down the pure, bright red of the Innisfree #5 with the more muted Mamonde #16.

Gradientlips, Lipstick Korean Makeup KBeauty KStyle Lipswatch

I'm no fan of gradient lips, as in covering up my lip lines with concealer/foundation and only applying color on the inner parts. In all honesty, I've never actually seen anyone wear that look outside of the internet...? Gradient lips that combine two lip colors, though, are so my thing! Endless possibilities and combinations, and feels a lot like painting. :D

Mamonde Dry Flower Makeup Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense #16 Velvet Red Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick #5 Sunshine Red Lip Crayon KBeauty KMakeup Korean

Another favorite product I've taken back out from the bottom of my pouch: 
This lip brush by Innisfree! It's retractable and comes in very handy when going for these lipstick-focused looks. Because it's so small, I can even use it on the go~

Korean Makeup Tools Brush Beauty Blog Flatlay

Korean Makeup Beauty Review Beautyblog Flatlay Lipbrush

That's it! My look back on the month of November or the beginning of winter in general.

What are your favorites this time of the year?

Have a great December for now! Cookies and chai tea lattes for everyone!

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