9 April 2016

Makeup Review : Innisfree Glow Tint Stick in #7

Welcome to another review!

There should be a time when I get tired of lip products. Tints, lipsticks, lipbalms and whatever mix of those brands come up with should have a limit, but well, innisfree got me hook, line and sinker with their newest combination: A liptint in stick form that's shiny like a gloss and moisturizing like a balm. There you go, lip product world.

It's no secret here on this blog that I'm a devoted innisfree follower/fan/slave, but I've got my reasons! Especially their lip products have never disappointed me.

I loved their lipstick collections, from the matte Creamy Tint ones to the shiny Color Glow and super creamy and beautiful Creammellow. Their old Vivid Tint Rouge line were my very first step into the world of Korean Makeup, and their Eco Flower Tint is something I've been using every week for about a year. The Real Fluid Rouge is my fave for high-maintenance but gorgeous oil-tint like lips, and they always have very pretty shade selections that go beyond the usual red-orange-pink scheme.

So when the Glow Tint Sticks came out, I was sceptic: What could this bring to my quite full lip product table that wasn't there before?

The packaging principle is not completely new, but a very interesting take on some ideas we've seen before. It's a a very thin tube, with a twist-up mechanism similar to the ones seen on the Aritaum Water Sliding Tints, in that once twisted up, the product can't retract. The very small surface of the product makes for an easy, precise application, but I'm forever anxious about twisting up too much product! About 1mm is more than enough for a full layer.

The twist-up principle and solid form for a lip tint make it an easy product to just toss in a bag and take with me (these have found their place in my pencil pouch). It can't leak, it can't break - so while the twisting intimidates me a bit, I like the packaging in general. The small tip is also a good point in my book, because I hate nothing more than a wobbly full lip - this is one of the few lip products I don't need a lip brush to apply! Again, that makes it an ideal travel companion.

I prefer to first tap it lightly over my lips and then glide it on top of that thin layer for a smoother application. The final feeling on my lips isn't sticky - it's shiny without giving the feeling of a gloss.

Then, the color range! Inspired by a sunset, so the promotions for these looked super pretty!

While most Korean brands do feature one or two coral shades in their line-up, I just love that there's a strong focus on these here. It's a perfect selection for spring and the coming summer, and it does take me out of my color funk in giving me some shades that I don't own in any other form. While some of the colors look very similar in the official pictures, swatching in store showed them to be a lot more varied (which is maybe bad news for those of you who have to buy online) and especially the lighter shades come well-equipped to suit different skintones and undertones.

I own two shades from this line. The first I got was shade 6, a gorgeous warm red-orange. As I fell in love with the texture, I did plan to get either shade 2 or 3, but then, strangely, while swatching in store I decided to go with shade 7 instead.

I'm a bit strange when it comes to pinks, finding shades that I like but, in the end, rarely wear. For daily makeup, I prefer warm coral hues or reds, and pinks are a bit hard to pull off for me. But I really liked how this one was bright, a hot-pink that didn't lean too cold and with no hints of fuchsia. (I do own a fuchsia lip product, and while I adore the color, it's just so hard to find a look and time it actually suits...)

Shade 6 on the left, shade 7 on the right. The cap indicates the color accurately.

How do I even translate these names...? Shade 6 is something like 'Warm Coral Spring Sunset' and shade 7 'Pink Dyed Cloud' or 'Pink Colored Cloud'.

Now for the swatches:

I'll post the swatches for #6 in my next review (combined with eyeshadows), so here we go with the pink shade #7!

The color reminds me of a very ripe watermelon. That's the most accurate thing I can come up with!

As you can see, the product does smudge a bit around the tube - I pick that up with my finger to tap it on as a first layer on my next application.

Another thing that caught my interest for this line was the name. The 'Glow' made me immediately remember the Color Glow lipsticks which (sadface) have disappeared from the official website some months ago. So I was guessing that these are a bit of a replacement for that lipstick line.

The finish of the Glow Tint Stick is even more glowy, though! It's closer to the result you get just after applying the Vivid Tint Rouge lip tints and I really like how it combines high pigmentations with a transluscent finish. It feels very thin and light on the lips, but still packs a punch when it comes to color.

The translusceny makes it look natural despite the bright shade I chose.

The shine does transfer when drinking or eating, but (I guess because this is one of the darker colors) the stain it leaves behind is quite strong and lasts throughout the day.

The stain is exactly the same color as the initial application, and the product stains very evenly. Irregular fading or splotchy stains OR lip line settling are a pet-peeve of mine and I'm so happy that the Glow Tint Sticks don't do any of that.

It's moisturizing, too, perfect for hiding my dry, flaky lips.

Here's the final look. So happy with this color! I will absolutely get at least one more, probably #2 or #3.

This just combines I lot of things I look for in lip products:

- even, long-lasting stain
- precise application
- robust packaging
- shiny, but not sticky or heavy texture
- moisturizing

These retail for 10,000\, containing 1.8 g of product. I'm quite sure that innisfree will expand on this range - maybe after the whole 'Sunset Theme' there'll be a 'Sunrise' one as well? They do come out with new shades for their established lines often, so I'm crossing my fingers!

Here's the product round-up! I've been practicing when it comes to makeup, and am now more comfortable with the whole eyeshadow-eyeliner-eyebrow business. Blogging and taking pictures of my face really help. ;) Still not good, but hey, progress!

See you soon with my next post on the Glow Tint Stick #6 and another reddish eyeshadow that I love wearing in combination with that shade. 


  1. Die gingen ja mal total an mir vorbei. Die Farbe ist sehr hübsch und sie steht dir auch wunderbar.

    1. Kein Wunder, die sind ja auch erst ein, zwei Monate alt ^_^ Ich kann sie sehr empfehlen! :D

  2. I was so excited for the release and that's why I bought two shades! :) #1 and #8! I really enjoy using them, because they are so handy to use. Plus, the colors are very pretty! :)I've heard from other bloggers that the colors #7 and #8 are very similar c:

    #7 looks great on you~~

    I'm thinking about getting more of this line, because I absolutely love it! :)


    1. Yay, how do you like 1 and 8? I did find 7 and 8 quite similar, with 8 being just a bit warmer and more muted. If I get another shade, it will definitely be from among the lighter ones - they are so lovely! :D I keep reaching for these (especially #6) because they are easy to use and just the right mix of bright but still 'natural' compared to some of my matte or heavier lip products. :3

  3. Die erinnern mich bisschen an Colourpop von der Verpackung her *_*

    Toller Blog, du hast jetzt eine Leserin mehr und ich würde mich freuen wenn du mal bei mir vorbeischaust.
    Geri Diaries

    1. Oh, stimmt, ist mir gar nicht aufgefallen! Sind die von Colourpop auch nicht zurueckschraubbar?

      Danke dir! Ich werd auf jeden Fall vorbeischauen! ^^