20 December 2015

Review: Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick in #3 Cream Coral

One last review before the holidays roll around with full force!

Most of my Korean makeup reviews are focused on lip products - I just love lipsticks, lip tints and lip anythings. They are quite easy to review, too. Skincare and base makeup is much more dependant on individual skin and kind of hard to review, especially for someone like me who has no idea about ingredients... But if anyone is interested in reviews for other makeup products, or haul/mini-review posts, that would be something to dab my toes into in the new year!

Korean makeup Kbeauty lipproduct review swatch
I did smuggle the lipstick on my last flatlay illustration, though!
I'd wanted to review my Innisfree Cream Mellow Lipstick in #3 Cream Coral in my last post on my Korean Winter Makeup Favorites, but that monstrosity of a review post got a bit too long for comfort. Also, this color is more of an all-year-round favorit of mine, as it's a very natural, light coral hue that goes very well with daily, natural makeup.

The Creammellow Lipstick came out in autumn 2014. 

Innisfree has been releasing autumn lipstick ranges steadily over the last three years, with the Color Glow range in 2013, the Creammellow in 2014 and now the Real Fit Lipstick in 2015. I still have to try the Real Fit line - I couldn't decide on a color in store and I'm kinda on a no-buy for the moment. 

A kind warning: On the official Korean innisfree page, the Color Glow range is nowhere to be found right now. It's possible that they removed the line now that they came out with the Real Fit line - which is a shame, because I love the formulation of the Color Glow lipsticks! 

Korean Makeup Review Product Photography Detail

The packaging is similar to the innisfree Color Glow Lipsticks, but with an elegant touch thanks to the rose gold accents. The color is indicated on the end of the lipstick, which makes it easy to find shades amongst a frankly huge collection of similar designs. :')

Kbeauty Korean Makeup Review Product Image Lipstick

The lipstick bullet had a pretty diamond shape in the beginning, though I've used it way too often for that to still be visible.

Korean Makeup Review Lip Product Swatch
Left: One layer, no reflective light
Right: One layer and reflecting light (all shiny and pretty)

As for the shade: 
I've got the same lipstick in red (#8), as well, and was positively surprised that the pigmentation was as spectacular for the less-saturated shade #3.

Nudes and I don't go well together. As soon as there's hints of beige in any lipstick shade, it washes me out. I was a bit hesitant before getting this color, swayed into the direction of my usual bright oranges, reds and fuchsias. But in the end, the shade won me over when swatching in the store: It's a really nice mix of different hues, with hints of coral, warm undertones and an overall milky finish without leaning into beige territory.

Here's the total shade selection:

I hope you can understand my anxiety over which shades to choose... I've got #3 and #8 and love them both. Now I'm here, eyeing #5 or #6 (or #9) because of all the pretty. 

If warm hues don't suit you, #2 would be a good alternative! #1 was too pale for me in store lighting, but probably would go well with a smokey eye. 

One or two layers are enough for getting the shade indicated on the lipstick packaging, and for a shade as light as this it covers the lips really well! (I've got a small freckle on my lips that I use for determining lipstick coverage, if that's even a thing.)

The name is a bit misleading, though. For something that's called 'Cream Coral', the color leans a bit more towards a warm pink than a true coral. It looks more coral-orangey when swatched on my hands compared to later on the lips. So if you're not into pinks, be warned!

Korean Makeup KBeauty Product Lip Swatches

The Cream Mellow Lipsticks have a very, well, creamy texture. This means they're moisturizing and very forgiving on dry, even chapped lips. I really like the texture when my lips are in a terrible condition, because these lipsticks actually hide my dry flakes.
They do feel slightly sticky in the beginning due to their glossy finish.

(You can compare the swatches of the Cream Mellow Lipstick with the Innisfree Color Glow Lipstick - the Cream Mellow ones are more moisturizing and a bit 'heavier' on the lips.)

Kbeauty Korean Makeup Review

For skin references, I'm a Innisfree Waterglow Cushion #13 (or #13 for just about anything) or Espoir 'Porcelain'. So if you're a darker shade, this could actually be way less bright in contrast with your skin and really function well as a kinda-pale-nudeish lipstick. 

Now, when I look at this on my lips, it does remind me of the Innisfree Real Fluid Rouge liquid lipstick which I've got in a similar shade. The difference lies in the finish: The liquid lipstick is much stickier, glossier and oilier, where the Cream Mellow Lipsticks adhere to the lips closely while still being moisturising and shiny.

 If I'm torn between the two on any given day, I'd choose the Cream Mellow for busy days where I won't be able to touch up, as it fades slowly and prettily, without clinging to odd spots. 
The Real Fluid Rouge is gone much more quickly, leaving behind only the slightest tint of pink, so it's a bit more high-maintenance (though even MORE forgiving on abused, chapped winter lips...)

Dopey faces, here we go. I'm getting used to seeing pictures of myself,
which was kind of the whole point for starting these. (I really, really hated pictures......)

What I really like about this shade is its versatility. It goes well with a bare face, just adding a hint of color to the lips: Just some dabs with the lipstick, and then lip balm on top. It's a go-to shade for natural 'no makeup' looks for me.

But whenever I actually do something with my eyes that involves more than tightlining, this color is still muted enough to not overpower heavy eye makeup. Kind of a fool-proof lipstick.

So, long story short:

- very moisturizing
- perfect for chapped, dry lips
- versatile color
- fades prettily
- can be applied inprecisely without looking terrible (no lip brush required - I can even use this one without a mirror!)
- good pigmentation
- warm undertone

It retails for 12,000 Won, and is well worth that money in my opinion, though I'm still waiting for a 1+1 or good ol' sale to grab some more. They won't run away.

That's it! I hope you find something that suits your skintone and preferences in the color selection they've got available! I want them all! :D

Check out my review for shade #8 Moist Dewy Red Creammellow Lipstick, too.


  1. Die Farbe sieht wunderbar aus, die Nummer 10 könnte mir aber auch sehr gut gefallen! Auf den Pressebilder zumindest sieht sie schon super aus. Die kommt direkt auf meinen WUnschzettel :) Vor Ort diese Lippenstifte zu testen ist natürlich schon super, schade, dass es bei uns noch keine koreanischen Läden gibt ausser Missha (allerdings ist der etwas weit weg) Das letzte Foto ist übrigens sehr süss ^.~

    1. Oh stimmt, es gibt ja jetzt einen Missha! (in der Schweiz etwa auch...? *_*)
      Nur weil du die Nummer zehn erwaehnst: Ich fand sie beim Swatchen brauner, weniger 'bunt' als auf den Pressebildern. Es gibt eine Reviewerin auf Youtube ('Hover') die die ganze Linie auch geswatcht hat und #10 liebt! Die Farben in ihrem Video kommen der Realitaet sehr nahe, vielleicht hilft dir das beim entscheiden? :D
      Und hihi, Fotos... XD Solange man sich dabei nicht zu ernst nimmt!

  2. Oh my gosh, they're all pretty colours! how long does the colour stay on for?

    1. Aren't they just?? Sadly, as a creamy and glossy lipstick, the color doesn't stain the lips. While the red shade lasts for hours as long as I'm not eating (which removes the shine and leaves me with just a hint of red) the Cream Coral one has to be reapplied after maybe 3 or 4 hours! though they fade prettily, no patchy staining or anything, and reapplying on top is really easy :D

  3. The color you picked looks really flattering on you!

    7% Solution

    1. Thank you so much! Always scared of paler colors, haha, so it's nice to know that it looks alright! :)

  4. I don't know which I like more, your illustrations or your photos. They are both absolutely stunning! I remember first seeing Pony use these lipsticks and they have always stuck in my mind. This colour looks so pretty and girly on you! Plus it's great to hear that the formula does well with dry lips as mine are constantly dry, no matter how much water I drink or balm I apply.

    1. Thank you! I'm slooowly getting the hang of taking and posing for photos. It's so much more fun than I ever expected!
      Oh, now I remember, I saw them in a Pony video, too! They're really as good as they look, especially for the dry-lipped part of the population ;)

    2. Thank you! I'm slooowly getting the hang of taking and posing for photos. It's so much more fun than I ever expected!
      Oh, now I remember, I saw them in a Pony video, too! They're really as good as they look, especially for the dry-lipped part of the population ;)