5 July 2015

Daily Drawings : Illustrators on Jeju and iZombie cuteness

It's the weekend, and time for another batch of daily drawings!

These are from June, as I didn't have time to upload them before. (How is it possible that June has already come and gone? Let's just pretend June and July are the same thing... nothing changes. Time standing still. Please.)

During the monsoon season on Jeju, there's not that much to do except stay inside, draw, meet people for coffee or lunch... and wonder how my garden will look after ten days of rain and no weed-destruction on my part at all. 

There's a so-called five-day-market near my home (O-il-jang/오일장) which takes place, as the name implies, every five days. Whenever it's a market day, we go there to buy fruit, fish, vegetables, eat a cheap but delicious lunch in one of the crowded little restaurants and then take some Bungeobbang home. 

Bungeobbang are waffles in the form of fish filled with red bean mousse - delicious with coffee! Since we've gone to the same seller since I've arrived in the neighbourhood about a year and a half ago, she always gives us some extra pieces - especially if I'm the one ordering in my now not-so-awkward Korean. Compared to the first time I went there - when I didn't even know what number system to use for these - my Korean has improved a lot, haha.

On that day we met up with two travelling illustrators from France. We'd previously met on another part of the island by chance (I just saw two foreigners with sketchbooks and started talking... finding out we could actually use French with them was a nice twist~) and then noticed that they were actually staying close-by.
You can have a look at their sketches from nearly a year of traveling through Korea here: www.autourdunbibimbap.blogspot.fr

A sketch they made at our Cafe - featuring me. :D

The rest of that day was spent drawing. I've been drawing a lot of whales for a children's book. As soon as I'm finished I'll be doing another illustration project blogpost, but for the moment I only have scans from last week with just one color layer.

Whale in garbage patch. So much garbage to draw... 
Children's book illustration is a first for me - I've done textbook illustrations, drawn entire manga comic books, but actually illustrating a picture book is a new experience and challenge. But my employer is really patient and has a lot of creative ideas, so I love creating these!

Some hand studies done the day before. My cheap sketchbook isn't really suited for watercolors and it doesn't scan too well thanks to the yellowish paper, but oh well.
Being able to draw REALLY COOL hands is a life goal.

watercolor sketch diary drawing fanart iZombie
What is Liv drinking there.............? I'd rather not know.
I also watched the entire season of iZombie in a matter of days.
(Did I mention that it rains a lot? That I can't go out? That there aren't a lot of passers-by stopping by our Cafe?)
I'm normally strict with myself to not watch anything while drawing (I prefer audiobooks for concentration) but I had about 20 pages of whale illustrations to color, which is kind of a brain-dead (hah! There's a zombie pun to be made of that, somehow!) task.

That series is the most adorable take on zombie lore I've seen so far - less blood, more cute, but still a lot of suspense. Also, I really love crime-ish dramas and needed some fluff before moving into the next season of Hannibal...

Though, don't be fooled, iZombie broke my heart at least once per episode and then smashed it into tiny pieces (and probably ate it, too) in the season finale.

On another note, yay! Postcard and A5 and ACEO/Artist Trading Card prints arrived! 
It's been forever since I've gotten some of my artworks printed, so I kind of just love looking at them, haha. There was lots of cutting and signing and sending to be done.

Hope you're having a wonderful June/July!


  1. OMG... your drawing!! So cool... I love it ><

    xoxo, Syarah

  2. :D Your drawings are so cute! I love your style! ^___^ Can't wait to see more from you! I haven't watched iZombie yet, but it did catch my attention a few times, I might give it a go soon!