2 July 2015

Daily Drawings : OOTD and Monthly Korean Beauty Favorites

Daily Drawings that aren't, at all, daily! 

There goes a concept...

But I'm really trying to draw a little bit of something every day. Adding watercolors to these was a good choice, I think, as the pen-only sketches were kind of bland.

These two days were kind of beauty-themed, so I thought I'd stick them together (though I still have some days left before those, need to catch up with that whole scanning-uploading-shebang!)

Hobonichi Sketch Diary Drawing

I wanted to draw some Outfit of the Day~ I love looking at sketches and photos on instagram which feature #ootd or #makeupoftheday or whatever else exists out there, so this is my take on it. 

Because yes, we don't have any sort of tall mirror to do some actual ootd-photography. Most of the time I have no idea what I'm wearing, which is maybe a good thing.

Hobonichi Drawing Diary Daily Sketch Korea

Monthly favorites as sketches, because I'm sure a million people with better photography skills have presented those very same products way prettier than I ever could.

I love makeup. (Confession time!)

Though I'm often too lazy to actually apply any on a daily basis, I do love to experiment and try out new products every now and then. Korean brands have monthly sales, and I'm a patient person, often waiting for months to get a product from my wish list in a 50% or 1+1 event. The Iope cushion was a good catch~ These are quite on the higher-end of my personal price scale, so I waited for a 30% reduction with a free refill on top. I'm set for a year, or maybe two.

I'm also forever addicted to innisfree. It's a Korean brand focusing on natural ingredients, minimal, simplistic packaging and they've got a lot of high-quality products. I'm not very good with eye make-up, but their eyeshadow pencils are very easy and quick to use!
I swear on their skincare, as it's affordable, contains no harsh ingredients and has been really effective for my skin type! The sparkling mineral cream smells divine, which is a bonus.

I'll maybe do an all-out product review for some of my favorites, as I've collected quite a lot of products over the last three years, and like nearly every single one of them (as I said, I'm a patient and careful buyer).


  1. is that your own drawing? waaa cool >3<
    so adoreable ..


    1. Yes, these are my own ^__^ thank you so much! <3

  2. Oh my God this is such a beautiful, creative way to display these products! I think this is way cooler than photography! How long does it take you to produce this kind of illustration? Absolutely stunning, you have a new follower on Bloglovin and I'm going to stalk your Insta now xx


    1. Oh and just letting you know your Instagram link is broken :(

    2. Oh, thank you so much for telling me about the instagram-link! No idea what's wrong there... *runs around in panic*

      These illustrations are actually quick to make, as they are each smaller than a coin :) I really want to combine these with photography in the future (for swatches and other things that are hard to show in illustrations) but I'm so happy you like the idea!