9 June 2015

evydraws Illustration Blog Introduction!

Hello everyone!

I'm very happy to finally start this blog. Though I had a very rudimentary art blog on my portfolio page, I only ever used that one for updates on illustration projects. Here, I want to get more personal, show you how I draw, how life as a freelance illustrator is going, and share some tutorials and videos to help and entertain you.

Also, I'll be totally geeking out over paper, art supplies and material reviews. Be warned!

So, for a little introduction, here's who I am:

My name's Evelyne Park (since getting married last year) and I live in South Korea on the beautiful, calm Jeju island.

I was born in 1989 (gettin' old!) in Switzerland, where I lived until about two years ago. Between 2010 and 2013, I studied Science Illustration at the Zurich School of Arts, so that were all my detail fanatism and perfectionism was honed. Right after getting my degree, I went to live with my then very-long-distance boyfriend in Korea, and have since been hopping back and forth, moving from appartment to appartment to our own house, getting married, learning Korean, drawing a two-book manga series for a German publishing company and being just generally BUSY.

Now, after my latest manga 'Lost Ctrl' has been published, I have time to breathe and make plans for the future.

As I mentioned, we own a house (renting isn't a very common concept in Korea...) and in that house, we run a small Cafe and Winebar on Jeju while working on our individual projects whenever we have free time. My husband is a photographer, and I happily steal his camera equipment to create step-by-step pictures of my drawings. I recently started filming my drawing process, too, so stay tuned for that.

Life as a freelance illustrator can get a bit overwhelming, and I'll use this blog to take a step back and document my projects and all the nice things that come along with them.

Have fun reading!
Lots of love! 

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