23 June 2015

Daily Drawings and Talk To Me In Korean Language Practice

Daily Drawings, next portion!

It was kind of ironic how the very first weekend after I'd started both a blog and a youtube channel, our wifi decided to peace out. All that motivation went into a vacuum of internet silence. 

Well, I used the time to work, since weekends are the most busy part of the week if one works in a Cafe/Restaurant. And filled all my free time with drawing and gardening. 

Little illustration for Talk To Me In Korean's 'Describe this Picture' series.

I also took some time to look at new Korean language lessons on the site Talk To Me In Korean.
Since moving to Korea nearly two years ago, I've studied a lot on that site. As I live on the countryside and had a busy schedule, I couldn't attend language classes except free classes at the immigration center (which were fun but kind of haphazardly organised and really, really far away from our home...), so Talk To Me In Korean was a wonderful source for my self studying efforts. Korean is a hard language to get into, especially at first, so I listened to some of their grammar lessons so many times I can practically recite them by heart!

Recently, I'm focusing more on vocabulary, as my Korean grammar is suffiscient to get through the week without having people look at me like I'm speaking in tongues. But I really like their 'Describe This Picture' lessons series, as they're short and fun, combining old words for repetition with some new ones. This lesson was called Pink Umbrella and I found the picture funny, so I went ahead and drew it, then attached the sample sentences from 1 to 5, as well as some grammar and vocabulary notes. I'll continue to do some Korean Language Sketches, as I'm kind of tired and bored of self studying at the moment and need to spice things up!   

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