30 June 2015

Daily Drawings: Baking and Korean Dramas as a Way to Practice Korean

Some very quick daily sketches/diary entries as the last weeks were hell.

The monsoon season has begun here in Korea, and I thought that the constant rain would make for some quiet days in our Bistro... nope. People like to escape the drizzle even more than they like to escape the sun, so I spent most of my time working and nearly none drawing. 

I did feel a sudden urge to study some new Korean vocabulary, however! So I went ahead and watched an episode of a new Drama on television (called 'High Society' in English), pausing every once in a while to look up vocabulary and spelling. 
A lot of foreigners I've met here in Korea say that watching Korean dramas helped them studying. I've never been good at remembering vocabulary I only hear once, so I thought that making these notes would help me put all the new words in context. 

It was surprisingly fun and effective! I remember all of the words - as I can remember them in the context of a certain scene it's less boring a task to commit them to memory. And because this drama features a nice mix of work and family life, I was able to catch up on both Banmal (informal speech) and Jondaemal (formal speech). Will continue with the next episode!

I also had one major baking day. I love making my own bread since moving to Korea! Recently I've also gotten into making pizza and pies, and I combine all those tasks into one glorious kitchen-destroying baking day every week. Once I get into the flow of things, I can't stop.......

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