22 June 2015

Daily Drawings, Jeju Landscape Sketch and Meet the Artist tag (#meettheartist)

Have you heard of 'Hobonichi'?

The 'Original Sized Garden Findings' were a dead spider,
but I was too scared to actually draw the entire body, so there's only a leg and head.
No, seriously, something that looks like a small, shriveled-up Tarantula
should NOT be in my garden. Or anywhere else, actually.

I've recently stumbled upon that illustrated diary trend by falling into the rabbit hole that's artist videos on Youtube. The idea of summarizing one's days by drawing simple (I repeat: simple) illustrations into a diary/planner really appealed to me. And as I'm a person that has to try out anything and everything I find intriguing, I started doing some daily sketches. 

Hobonichi Daily Diary Drawing
Near my village, Sehwa-ri, with the (very much dead) volcano Hallasan in the background.

I don't have any sort of fancy planner, Hobonichi or similar. I'm just using a simple empty sketchbook I had lying around. My general idea is to sketch daily, be it events of the day in diary fashion, landscapes, little comic sequences illustrating the past or something completely different like the Meet The Artist Tag. The point is to draw and write daily without it always having to relate to work or some long-term project. Just little sketches.
I really look exactly like that in reality. 

I've got quite a lot of these already done, as I started nearly ten days ago. Will upload them in groups of three to four until I'm caught up for actual daily postings!


  1. Hi Evy,

    I love your sketches! You also have the cutest handwriting! :3 Love your #meettheartist. I haven't done that tag yet, and I did pick up a few smaller sketchbooks for daily doodling/sketching, and I'm slacking ;__; I hate spiders too, so I will most likely never draw them lolol.

    1. Hi! <3

      Ah, my handwriting XD I have to try really hard for it to be actually readable!
      Please do the #meettheartist! It's really quick and fun. I'm trying to do these daily drawings, but I'm slacking, too. >,< Life getting in the way! But even if it's only some days of the week, it's still fun to look back on :3
      I absolutely can't draw them XD *shudders