26 January 2017

Meet the Artist Tag & What's in my Bag Illustration

Edit 2017.02.02 : This post contains affiliate links (additionally marked with an * asterisk in the blog post), meaning I will make a small commission from anything you buy. View my 'About' page for the full disclaimer and my review policy! All products are purchased by me.

It's been a while - maybe because the holidays never end (after Christmas and New Year, there the Lunar New Year just around the corner), maybe because I helped with the finishing touches of constructing a tiny house, maybe because I just don't wear makeup that often in winter, when my cafe shifts are reduced.

But lately, the #meettheartist tag has been doing its rounds on instagram again. It did so two years ago, too, and that was more or less the beginning of my whole social media presence.

It marked my jump from just working at my desk, for my publishing company, to actually sharing my drawings and my interests online, and it's been the most rewarding journey so far!

I really didn't have enough space on that one sketchbook page for both my likes/dislikes, a self-portrait AND the contents of my bag.

use two bags: A small one for little errands, visiting friends and going out, and a large one for whenever I see a break in a cafe with enough space and wifi to work in on the horizon.

Since I've started an art portfolio site with its own art-focused blog (called 'Atelier' because I'm pretentious), I'll keep the bag break-down here to the beauty essentials:

Lip products are still a staple in my pouch, and I'm still a devout follower of Innisfree and Espoir when it comes to colors and textures (and prices, let's be real), but I've added the most delicious little lip balm by 'Hurraw!' to my collection. It tastes like coconut and I'll probably eat it one day by accident. 
You can find it here: Hurraw! Coconut Lip Balm (*) 
iHerb has been my savior since going vegan mid-2016, especially with their free shipping which is a blessing if I want to get my supplies to Korea.

Since winters are dry in Korea, my Hanyul Ja Woon Dan Moisturizing Cure Balm(*) has seen its return to my daily favorites. It works for everything, from under-eye wrinkles to nail cuticles. While Hanyul isn't the cheapest brand under the Korean sky, the investment was well worth it - I've been using the same tub for two years now and will have to hurry to use it all up before the expiration date gets embarrassing!

My winter cushion of choice is the Innisfree Ampoule Moisture Cushion, though I do prefer to wear a primer&foundation combo instead of cushions during the colder months, with the cushion only used for touching up.

For hand creams, I'm using up several old ones: 
- Innisfree Canola Honey, aka the scent from heaven.
- L'Occitane Creme Mains, aka the other scent from heaven.

L'occitane is more moisturizing, but also leaves my hands slightly greasy which is a big minus point for when I have to draw. I love to slather it on heavily whenever I leave the house, though!

I haven't changed all that much, have I?

Now 27 years old, I've become more organized, went from working for a publishing company to completely freelance, dabbled in new and fun art styles and adopted an annoying&cute street cat called Hedwig. 
By spring, I'll have been married for three years, two years will have passed since my last comic book (I really want to return to drawing comics, but freelancer life takes priority atm), and four years since I came to Korea for the first time. 

Thank you for sticking around and I hope you have a great 2017!


  1. Ohhh dein meet the artist ist soooooooooo niedlich! Ich liebe deine Zeichnungen und könnte sie mir jeden Tag ansehen :) Du hast aber echt viel Zeug in deiner Tasche, ist die nicht immer mega schwer?^^

    1. Danke! ^^ Hedwig ist sehr lebensnahe haha! Jaaa, meine Tasche ist schrecklich schwer, wenn ich wirklich nen ganzen Tag rausgehe. Ich versuche, das zu optimieren - mein Laptop ist sehr leicht und die Tote bag hat angenehm breite und starke Schlaufen~ Aber ja, ich heb mir nen Bruch XD

  2. Really nice post, as always your illustrations are super pretty!! I love the Hurraw lip balms, my favorites are the cherry and night time one (though I think I'll end up collecting them all).

    1. Thank you! :D The coconut one is my first - they jumped out at me while I was searching iHerb for coconut butter lol. I didn't even see the night time one, that sounds perfect for my next order. ;)

  3. Your illustrations are sooo pretty :)

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