29 November 2016

Hanbok Illustration, Korean Traditional Wedding and new Stickers!

I finally managed to update my Etsy shop with motives I'd wanted to create for a long time: Hanbok!

Story time:

For my Korean wedding, I wore a hanbok. We'd decided to buy one instead of going for a rental since there's things like Chuseok and Korean New Year where I can wear it again, (theoretically. It's a pain to put on.) so we wanted good quality and went to this UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL shop to choose fabrics and cuts and accessories and I still love everything about it.

I've been interested in the different styles, textiles and the historical evolution hanbok went through ever since.

Two of the illustrations are personal: The lavishly embroidered wedding hanbok (that one was on loan, worn on top of normal hanbok) and the simple red-green one which is inspired by what I wore.

Case in point. (And it's so hard to find wedding shots with only me pictured - which sounds very egoistical but hey, I'm trying to protect my family's anonymity :D)

So really, drawing hanboks? Great fun.

There's a total of six ladies, and I decided to make stickers with these because honestly, they're adorable. I have literally no idea what you'd ever need Hanbok stickers for, but who cares?
(worst sales pitch ever)

As always, my stickers are DIY self-cut ones. Since they're larger than my usual stickers, it's surprisingly easy to cut them - and since they're transparent, the occasional hick-up will be invisible anyway.

Size comparison of the original watercolor and ink drawings vs stickers. I really like how the floral patterns for these two turned out!

Two of the Hanbok ladies are available as mirrors in a card format. I chose the Gisaeng (on the right) and the pretty young lady.

The mirrors are made with stickers on a stainless steel surface, so they're sturdy and don't scratch easily - and since they're the same format as credit cards, they should fit into all kinds of purses and mobile phone cases.

Some additional sketches for Hanbok designs. Until now, I've mostly just focused on the Joseon period (which already features a huge variety of designs over the centuries), but since I've started working on a webcomic concept that's set a bit earlier, I'm looking forward to tackling the Goryeo period, too!

I'm also catching up with some Korean historical dramas / Sageuk. For research reasons. Of course. It's strange how I rarely manage to get past the mid-point of modern day dramas, but historical ones? I'll get totally invested. Maybe the themes just appeal to me more.

I didn't manage to get through Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (sketch above) but loved the pretty setting, costumes and the camera angles/lighting choices in the first couple of episodes. My all-time favorite has to be Queen Seon-Duk, Six Flying Dragons aaaand Arang, which is Fantasy but totally counts.

Thank you for reading this super short, very promotion-heavy blog post, but I'm trying to spread the Hanbok love here :) Hope you like the designs, and do tell me if you're into historical K-Dramas!


  1. Die Bilder sind alle so wunderschön! Besonders die letzten mit den verschiedenen Posen gefallen mir besonders gut. Als Sticker finde ich sie ja vor allem sehr toll, gerade jetzt, wo bald das neue Jahr anfängt und man einen neuen Kalender hat. Bin schon auf deine weiteren Bilder gespannt, wie wäre es mit französischer Mode zu Ludwig dem XIV? ;) Perücken, Mieder und viel Rock!

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