10 May 2016

Etsy Update - Spring Beauty Illustrations


Spring is my favorite time of the year. Until summer rolls around, then I might be just a little bit more in love with that season. Because ice cream will be happening a lot.

Anyway, this is just a little update on the illustration and Etsy shop front. Most of my commission works have been in black and white (for coloring books, which are a lot of fun but take forever to do...) so I was all the happier to take my free time to create some colorful, cute makeup illustrations.

Coloring books with a doodle theme are the best!
But also challenging because how do you even come up with 50 different patterns??
Korean brands are very special edition happy, and especially VDL and Laneige have got me drooling with their gorgeous Pantone color inspired collection and their two-tone makeup products respectively. Too bad that they're two of the more pricier brands on my radar - so instead of going out and buying all the things, I soothed my cravings with drawing. For now.

The Serenity version original (already sold, thank you! ^_^)
VDL, what are you doing to me.... I really liked the look of their brand model, Sohee, so I added a little mini portrait inspired by her makeup and cat eyes. Some Innisfree eyeshadows and a lipstick made it onto the card as well, as did the Laneige Water Bank cream I'm currently using a sample of. And macarons and cupcakes and shading sticks and coffee cups.......

I actually wanted to create a spring version of my makeup illustrations in just cherry-blossom-pink, but then remembered that Rosequartz would be a good choice, too, since it's the Pantone color of the year. And then I just had to include a Serenity version as well! Which lined up really nicely with my current Korean makeup brand obsessions...

Aaand the Rosequartz version. Lots of blush and nail colors and lip products,
 as well as the ever present sweets.
The Rosequartz version thus features the mentioned cherry blossoms, and some rosequartz crystals for good measure. But mostly I went into some of my favorite rosy lip products, with a Mamonde Creamy Tint Stick and an Aritaum Water Sliding Tint. Mamonde features again with their Rose Water toner in the bottom right corner. And then there's Laneige with one of those gorgeous Two-Tone Bars. I just can't decide what color combination I should get, so for the moment I'm stuck with imitating the two-tone look by slapping on two different lip products.

Rosequartz pocket mirror with some of the illustrations arranged around the mini portrait.
As the Serenity illustration featured an actual person inspired mini portrait, I wanted something similar for the Rosequartz one. At the time of drawing these, Descendants of the Sun was all the rage in Korea, with everyone and their mother telling me to watch it. I couldn't get past the major cheesyness, but all the pretty swept me up anyway. So there's a mini Song Hye Gyo, which actually fits perfectly since she's Laneige's main model. Yay!

I did combine both portraits for the textile print this time.

Now I'm nearly through with my four seasons series. Only summer is left, and that will be a blast because ice cream, watermelons and bright colors!

I also added a little flower one because I needed gifts for mother's day :D
On the topic of summer: I'm working on new illustrations for our menu card at the Bistro Gris. Our wine card is getting ever the larger, and summer also calls for more sugary and freezing cold coffee drinks. And Sangria.

Also looking forward to drawing the food portion, since I've really enjoyed drawing desserts lately.

And when I'm not drawing, I'm decorating, DIYing and gardening. And you know, serving customers and cooking and baking. I might need a day off soon. :)

I hope you're having a great spring! May the weather be with you!


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