27 April 2016

Makeup Review : Innisfree Glow Tint Stick in #6

Finally, my review for the other shade I got from innisfree's Glow Tint Stick line.

I'd planned to get this up just after the one for the Glow Tint Stick #7, but the month just flew by. At least I remembered to scan the accompanying little illustration this time around!

Shade #6, "Warm Coral-Shine Spring Sunset" - or something like that. Innisfree's shade names get harder and harder to translate - caught my interest as soon as the promotional images were released. A warm, slightly orange-ish and bright red.

Official swatches for the Glow Tint Stick
But there the confusion already began, because if you compare the official swatch pictures below with the promotional image featuring brand model Yoona, shade #6 looks a lot brighter and glaring in the above!

Official promotional images for shade #6
I was confused, but not too worried, as both color variations would be up my alley. I was hoping for something more on the warm-red front than the bright-orange-red front, though, because good, warm reds are a bit hard to come by.

The packaging is, of course, exactly the same as in my previous blog post. A long, slender stick with a twist-up system that doesn't allow the product to retract.

The description on the packaging stresses how important it is to not twist up too much product. Never more than 1mm, though I mostly get by with even less for a full coverage application.

The shade is indicated both on the colored caps and the bottom, where product number and name are printed in very, very small letters. *squints*

I went with the two brightest shades from this release. Both #6 and #7 are more summer than spring shades in my mind - I was craving summery temperatures, I guess!

Swatching revealed two things: That the shade was more on the orange side than the official swatches indicated, and that it would be impossible to get the same deep coverage as in the promotional picture. Layering the product does help, though, and the orange hues get redder and deeper instead of just brighter.

There's some shades that look nearly the same no matter the lighting, but this jumps from a true orange in sunlight to a warm coral in indirect light.

As I love orange/coral lip colors, that was no problem for me personally, but if you're looking for a color exactly identical to the one in the promotional material, be warned!

One layer in direct sunlight.
Leaning orange and a bit of piling into my lip lines.

The pigmentation for this product is great, but at the same time it gives a very transluscent finish - an interesting combination and very forgiving on dry, patchy lips! The original lip texture shines through, but is smoothed out and moisturized by the product.

While the application is simple and precise thanks to the small tube, you can see that the Glow Tint Stick doesn't apply perfectly evenly, piling up against some of my lip lines. It isn't noticeable if you don't point a camera with a macro lense at it, though. ;)

#7 did apply more evenly than #6, strangely! It's a tiny difference, and I only noticed after looking at the pictures.

One layer, no direct sunlight.
The color does look deeper, closer to the promotional images with the model, but less bright
than the official swatches.
The piling gets a bit worse with each layer, but can be smoothed out if tapped on with finger.
True to its name, the Glow Tint Stick gives a shiny finish. The slightly sticky texture warns of what is to be expected of nearly every glossy product: It transfers and does rub off when eating or drinking. It leaves an even stain in a coral-orange tone that lasts for several hours, though. And as the packaging allows for taking the Tint Stick with me in my bag without fear of it breaking or leaking, reapplication was very easy.

No lip brush is needed for a precise outline, which makes the Glow Tint Stick line perfect for traveling or quick application.

Here's another example of one layer versus two layers! Both taken in indirect sunlight.

One layer already gives a nice punch of color, moisture and shine, and I often use this for simple daily looks, as the orange in it isn't too neon-y glaring.

While even two layers don't give the deeper red I'd hoped for, I'm still really happy with the shade! Sometimes orange lips, especially saturated ones, are hard to pull off, but Glow Tint Stick #6 walks that fine line between an orange and a red that puts it into the easy to wear, fits-nearly-everything category. This would be perfect if you have neutral or warm undertones!

I can mostly tell if I suit a color if the pictures for reviews turn out well - this time I had so many to choose from where my face didn't look totally awkward, so this shade is a winner. :)

Overall I totally love this line, despite the slight inaccuracy in their promotional swatches (let's be honest, which brand does actually get those exactly right?) and the lipline-piling. Those get balanced out by how gorgeous the actual colors are and how moisturizing and shiny the product is!

I wish the shine would last through meals, but am happy with the stain it leaves behind.

The packaging is sleek and sturdy, easier to use than I'd hoped and perfect for someone who values precision.

Confession: I've picked up two more shades from this line during their recent 1+1 event, so I'm now the proud (and slightly guilty) owner of #2, #3, #6 and #7. Owning this many colors of one and the same product range is a first for me!

#2 and #3 are quite similar shades, so if you'd like to see swatches, I'd combine those into one post. Both work really well in combination with the two brighter shades, too!

Thank you for reading and see you soon with more reviews! May will be a lot calmer than April, so I hope to get a lot of blogging in~


  1. Wow beautiful colours *_*

    1. Thank you! I really like the color selection for these! ^_^

  2. I'd love to see reviews, or mini reviews of your new ones

    1. I'll probably upload some swatches to compare all four shades I've got. The packaging and texture is the same for all of them, so that should be quick to do ^^

  3. I absolutely love your art & illustrations so much Evelyne. You are so talented (灬ºωº灬)♡
    I'm just as confused as you are! The swatch photo and yoonas ad photo look like 2 different shades?!
    hehe the colour you picked looks gorgeous and perfect for the spring/summer season~
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || Etude House Pink Vital Water & Colour Flower Eyeshadow Review

    1. Thank you! And I'm glad I'm not alone in noticing - it really threw me off! Like, I'd want to buy both shades anyway, but still, at least keep your swatches a bit consistent... :'D
      Orange-Coral-Red, anything along those lines, always makes me feel all summery and happy! ^__^

  4. I have heard about this before and really want to try this out! The color looks so nice on you! x


    1. Thank you! ^^ I can really recommend these! #6 would look great on anyone with warm or neutral undertones~

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  6. Hello, sorry for not good at English, but i love the review, very clearly and you are so cool ~~~ but I have a little confuse about the texture, moisturising and last-long between Glow tint stick and Creammellow lipstick? Please help me, thanks a lot ~~

    1. Hi, and no problem about the language! :D The Glow Tint stick lasts longer (and leaves a tint) and feels very light on the lips, while the Creammellow is more moisturizing and has a heavier texture. I hope this helps! ^^

  7. This looks so good on you ^_^ Anything with a promotional picture with Yoona is good enough for me!

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

    1. Thank you! I love the color, though I have to admit that these two photos are only two of maybe twenty. ;) I really like Yoona as a model, since the looks they do for her are so simpel ^^

  8. I really love your reviews about lip products and youve reviewed about the Aritaum color lasting tint before. So, which do you prefer more?? aritaum color lasting or innisfree glow?? Thank you

    1. Thank you so much! I love reviewing lip products haha...
      Hmm, the two are hard to compare. The Aritaum one is more of a classic tint, while the innisfree one has some parts to it that make it like a lip balm and lip stick, too. I prefer the innisfree ones, because it looks good after applying AND several hours later, while the Aritaum ones starts sinking onto dry patches and into lip lines with time. :)

  9. I really love your reviews about lip products and youve reviewed about the Aritaum color lasting tint before. So, which do you prefer more?? aritaum color lasting or innisfree glow?? Thank you