11 February 2016

Korean Makeup and Beauty Stickers - Updated Art Shop!

Just a quick update on the art front in between makeup reviews! :)

Some of you who follow me on instagram might have noticed that my makeup illustrations have been shared by the official innisfree account (yay!?!), and as I've since had several people ask me why I don't sell via a platform like etsy, I decided to do a little update on this whole art print thing. 

I actually do have an Etsy Store! I just... never used it, haha. Thanks to having published manga books back home in Switzerland/Germany, I always sold my manga artworks over my facebook page and didn't really need the additional platform. And while I like to keep things 'personal' for the beauty illustrations as well, I believe it's time to finally put that etsy store to good use. 

Especially the stickers, which are so easy to send as they're small and light, deserve some additional spotlight, don't you think? I recently ordered my first round of re-prints, too!

So for those of you who prefer an official platform like etsy (maybe some of you already have an account over there?), please have a look! 

(Update: I now sell exclusively over etsy, but you can always contact me via email if you'd like to order directly.)

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you prefer! Many thanks to all of you who've supported me by ordering some of my work! 

So, here's the overview:

Thanks <3


  1. Congratulations on reopening your etsy c: I'm currently thinking about purchasing your stickers, but I need to wait for my pocket money lol
    Everything is so pretty *^*

    1. Thank you! :D I've had it since forever but kind of forgot about it lol ... better late than never!
      and pssst, but I'm planning a giveaway soon, so if you want to try your luck...! ;)

  2. I love your paintings they're adorbs! 😍

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