18 February 2016

Korean Makeup Review - Mamonde 'Vivid Touch Eyes' Eye Shadow in #8 and #12


Here comes the second part of my little eyeshadow review series. I'm focusing on my reddish-brown hues, and the first one up was the Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes in #25 Vampire Kiss. For this review, the eye shadow that takes center stage is a lot more subdued and more suited to elegant or simple daily looks.

On we go!

Mamonde has a comparably small selection of eye shadows, which might be a weak point in some opinions - especially if compared to the large selections at brands like Etude House or Aritaum. I actually quite like their available shades! The colors are easy to combine, not too repetitive, there's some stand-out shades and they do add special collections depending on seasons and festivities.

Their Vivid Touch Eyes shadows, as the single eye shadows are called, can be separated in three categories:

  • Shimmer (11 colors)
  • Sparkling (8 colors) 
  • Matte (6 colors)

MAMONDE VIVID TOUCH EYES - #8 Dry Rose and #12 Bouquet Daisy 

The brand Mamonde as a whole is inspired by flowers, with flowery essences of all kinds being featured in their skincare, and their makeup lines especially taking their names and shades from flowers. I love their Creamy Tint lip crayons, and so I ventured on to their eye shadows last autumn.

This review features two eye shadows that go well together, with the star of the show being the Vivid Touch Shadow in Matte #8 'Dry Rose', a gorgeous deep, rosy-brown shade, that depending on the lighting can go from purple undertones to rusty hues.

Mamonde Vivid Touch Eyes Matte 08, Dry Rose

Artificial , indirect lighting.

The second shade is the Vivid Touch Shadow in Sparkling #12 'Bouquet Daisy', a toned-down rose and beige shade with colorful glitter.

Mamonde Vivid Touch Eyes Sparkling 12, Bouquet Daisy

The glitter particles are tiny, but range through a surprising variety of colors, featuring pinks (mostly), violet, mint green, gold, light blue... It's not overpowering at all (quite subtle actually) but I really love the combination of the simple basic shade and the more rainbow colored glitters.

The packaging of the Mamonde Vivid Touch Eyes shadows is square and a bit bulky. One shadow consists of 2.2 g of product, but the packaging made it look like more.
These retail for 5.500 Won here in Korea, so a bit more pricey than my normal shadows from Innisfree and Aritaum.

The swatches for #8 Dry Rose show how it can go from purple to rust in color.
On my skin it leans rusty, on paper it's purple. It depends on lighting (here direct sunlight) and skin undertone, as well. The warm, rusty hue helps, though, because straight-up purple can look sickly.

Left: #8 Dry Rose
Right: #12 Bouquet Daisy

More swatching, in indirect light.

Artificial light, no flash.

Now for the eye swatches! #8 Dry Rose can, like I feared, make me look tired and sick when applied all over the lid. I much prefer it only as an extended eyeliner or on my outer corners, but for review purposes, I went for the all-over look.

The shade does work much better with eyeliner to define the eyes, though!

This matte shadow does migrate into fine lines. I'd recommend using a primer (I didn't). Other than that, the lasting power is quite good, not budging throughout the day, and the color doesn't fade.

Mamonde Vivid Touch Eyes Matte #8 Dry Rose. Direct sunlight.

Better than on its own, the shade #8 works perfectly as a base for burgundy or red eye makeup. As it's not too saturated, it can bring down the 'swollen' look red shadows often give.

It also works really well with the glittery Bouquet Daisy #12 shade on top, as the purple-rust color makes the overall effect of the glitter more interesting.

#12 Bouquet Daisy goes on more buttery and blends more easily than #8.

 #12 has, except for its colorful glitter pigments, a very simple base color that blends well with the more saturated, darker #8, but looks good when used on its own all-over the lid, too.

Artificial light, no flash.

Direct sunlight, no flash.

Both eyes have #8 and #12 applied on the whole lid, but you can only see the glitter caught on camera on the far right.

I'd expected #8 especially to be a very striking shade back when I bought it, but it's actually very wearable on a daily basis - I use it in place of normal brown shadows.
The shade isn't for those who want a dramatic or evening eye makeup look, it's much too natural looking for that.

#12, too, isn't a very eye-catching shade. It's not very glittery, especially when compared to the Shine Fix Eyes shadows or other metallic, glitter pigments. The very fine glitter pieces are hard to see unless you look really closely, and the varied colors the glitter shows don't make it look fluorescent or metallic, but glossy. Thanks to that, it looks good with 'dewy' makeup finishes.

That might sound negative all in all, but despite being very understated, this is actually one of the prettiest glitter shades that I've tried! It works well on top of any color as well as alone, and the glitter pigments spread very evenly over the lid, without fall-out or clumping. It's easy to blend and, while looking very natural, brings light to tired eyes.

I do love these two shades in combination for simple but put-together daily makeup. If you have green or hazel eyes, give a rosy-brown color a go! It's not as hard to pull off as an all-out red or burgundy shade.

All in all, I'm very happy with my (first) two Mamonde eye shadows. The whole collection and brand image goes for natural, elegant and feminine looks, and the colors are very easy to work with.

I've been reaching for this combination on all the rainy days lately, and love to combine them with my newest lipstick (the rosy innisfree real fit one). Other lipstick colors are a bit tricky with that rusty-rosy color on the lids, but in general, toned-down rose and red shades go well with the colors.

Thank you so much for reading! :D Next up in this series is a brighter red eye shadow~


  1. Wow ! Bouquet daisy eye shadow is really stunning. Loved your details and photos on eye shadows.
    Happy weekend :-)

    1. Thank you! I really love that shade, my shabby photos don't do it justice! :')

  2. The colors are really pretty! I've always wanted to try out one of their eyeshadows, but I ended up buying other eyeshadows lol
    Thanks for the review! I think that I will buy an eyeshadow from Mamonde soon ♡

    1. Thank you for reading :3
      I've also ignored makeup products by Mamonde for the longest time, but as I've always loved their skincare stuff, I just had to try! <3

  3. The colors are so pretty! Definitively also suited for upcoming spring :D Boquette Daisy is a really light and wearable everyday shade :)

    1. I hope they are! I think Dry Rose would be gorgeous combined with some more spring-appropriate colors, like pinks or even corals :D And Bouquet Daisy goes well with just about everything~

  4. woow love those colours! especially the Dry Rose one, looks so nice x


    1. It's even nicer in reality, haha! I'm terrible at capturing the colors on camera :')

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