28 September 2015

What's in my Bag - An illustrated guide

I love looking at 'What's in my Bag' posts. In order to do my own, I turned my frumpy second-hand mess inside out and was faced by long-lost receipts, hair clips and tissues.

So I decided to leave all those nastier things be and just do an illustration based on the more presentable objects I carry along with me.

Well, that's quite a lot. Let's break it down!


What I need to leave the house without being a human catastrophe. Keys (I've got a cute, huge stuffed animal horse key chain so it's easy to find...), phone with an extra battery because I'm just that bad at charging, some money and a little case for my identification card/Korean visum, bank cards and the like.

By some magic there's always at least one hair clip and hair tie to be found, too!


Of course, a sketchbook or notebook is a must! I always regret whenever I leave it at home... an unnecessary large amount of pens and pencils compliments the sketchbook.
I found something really nice recently here in Korea: Protective caps to put on pencils! They don't only save the pencil from breaking over and over again, but protect my hands from being stabbed everytime I rummage through my bag.

Then there's some hand sanitizer in a small size (Nature Republic makes them with all kinds of scents - I currently use the Aloe one.) and a facial mist. The mist is kinda optional, but especially on hot days where my face feels like its melting, it's a life saver! I bought some at Innisfree when they had a 1+1 sale last spring, and will do so again next time! Also helps when taming my fringe in the humid weather.


On to the good stuff!

I try to be organised with my makeup as a form of counterattack against the pencils littered everywhere.
I love small pouches (smaller than my hand) to just seperate stuff and protect lipsticks from opening and breaking. The left one in black and white is made from a thin material (selfmade :D) and it's where I put stuff like cushion foundations to protect them from getting scratches or leaking.
The one on the right is even smaller and made from thicker material - a gift from my grandmother. It's the perfect lenght for lipsticks and keeps them from breaking no matter what I do.

Like I said, the bigger pouch contains a cushion on most days. I often do my makeup in the car if I'm late, and it's also perfect for touch-ups.
I actually own more 'cushions' than actual cushion cases - some of them are interchangeable, so I buy refills and switch them out according to seasons and mood. The cases I own are from Iope and Innisfree (Waterglow and the good old Melting Mineral Foundation, which isn't a cushion, but works just fine as a case for them) and inside those? I mostly don't remember. :'D

I'll make a cushion overview/review post soon, though!

On hot days, the Innisfree No-Sebum Powder is my steady companion. It's a transparent mineral powder that absorbs oil and sets makeup. It can also function as an emergency dry shampoo of sorts as it makes flat, sweaty (urgs) hair fluffier!

On days where I really got my shit together, one might even find an eyeshadow here. I've accumulated quite a lot of the Innisfree Mineral Single Shadows in superbasic brown hues and rotate those with my Aritaum Mono Eyes in 'Earth'.


As going out often includes some sort of eating or drinking, too, I need to bring something along for reapplying whatever I slapped on in the morning.
My current favorites for this early fall (ok, it IS fall technically, but my Swiss brain just doesn't associate the season with 25 degrees and sunshine, so... late summer?) are red shades.

The Innisfree Cream Mellow Lipstick in #8 (the name translates to something like Moistful, Dewy, Watery Red?) is a very flattering color that's surprisingly easy to wear for a red lipstick! I'll do a review for this one soon, too! (...I've got too much stuff.)

The other star of the moment is by the brand Mamonde, the Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense Velvet in Red. What a long name. It's a chubby little pencil that applies velvety-matte (the Cream Mellow Lipstick has a glossy finish at first), stays on forever and the color is a nice toned-down, slightly brownish red which ACTUALLY MANAGES TO MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A GROWN UP.

Then, my staple reddish Ginger Sugar Tint Lip Balm by Aritaum so that I don't need a mirror if I want to reapply something. It works well on top of faded red lipsticks of all kind, blends them out of liplines where they may have transferred and moisturizes, of course.

As for mirror I carry a really small square mirror that I bought on my very first trip to Korea years ago in Seoul. It's got a little silk pouch to put it into and is the cutest thing ever.

That's it! What do you carry in your bag? Are you more organised or chaotic? (it's a fine line to walk...)


  1. Amazing pictures as always ^^ I've never tried the Innisfree Single Shadows nor the Aritaum Mono Shadows. They both seem so similar. Which ones do you prefer?

    1. By the way, I've also done a recent What's In My Pouch post, if you are interested in knowing ^^

    2. Thank you! ^_^
      Innisfree has a softer texture and a lot of really, really pretty natural shades. Aritaum's shade selection is more varied and extravagant (strong glitters, bold colors), and they last a tad longer than the innisfree ones (which last all day without a primer all the same...)
      It's really a question of personal preference and the look you want to go for :D I also find that the Innisfree shadows don't irritate my eyes even if I rub them into it haha.

  2. I love your water colour style! it's so pretty!!!

    I need to up my eyeshadow game and try more single colours (urban decay naked palette reliant)

    The innisfree sebum no mineral powder is one of my favs! do you have the compact or loose powder version? I have the compact!

    1. Thank youuu! Watercolors are my favorite~

      I'm actually way more intimidated by palettes! There's so many colors to choose from... I don't own a single palette haha. Need to up my game, too ;)

      I had the compact version for a long time but grabbed the loose powder version during a 1+1 event. I like to use the loose version in the morning and then carry the compact version with me :D

  3. really loving the personal element of your unique drawings! the visuals are incredibly AMAZING.

    so glad to have stumbled upon your blog :)

    { thelittlethingsandmore.blogspot.com }

    1. Thank you so much! I'm having way too much fun drawing these illustrations and I'm so happy that other people like them too! <3

  4. Oh very cute post


  5. YASSSS I'm currently into red lipsticks at the moment too! I've always admired them on other people, but applying red on myself was just too terrifying. Anyways, I somehow got to collecting more reds this year and I finally wore red lipstick outside the house for the first time earlier this month! Even I'll admit that I look good in them :D
    I've started carrying around my phone charger with me, only because I don't have a spare battery pack. My Samsung takes up more battery than I expected, hah. Also, can't believe you...use...face mist on your hair?? L O L...well, whatever does the trick!

    I also realise you're currently in South Korea. I'm visiting next month, hooray!

    1. YESSS for red lips! I was always so fuckin scared of them but now I've seen the light! Go you for wearing them outside :D I think it's all about finding the right shades and combinations~ I love how they make me look like an adult, sensible human being!

      Spare batteries are the best, especially for long trips or even flights!
      If you have a fringe, then sprizzing face mist all over the face and by extension the fringe itself, you can then 're-style' it. My fringe always gets wavy because I'd have curly hair if I cut it short, so I wet it sometimes and then straighten it with my fingers haha... it works!

      Oh, where will you be travelling? If you're coming to Jeju, I could guide you around haha!

  6. Deine Zeichnungen sind einfach der Wahnsinn! ♥