13 September 2015

REVIEW: Espoir No Wear S - Favorite Korean Lipsticks

This review pf the Espoir No Wear S Lipstick in 'Jealousy' is part of a series because my love for coral lipsticks lead to quite the collection.

Drew this when I still thought I could put several lipsticks of one shade into one single post...
So naive.

I really wanted to do some quick reviews and swatches of ALL my Korean lipsticks in one big blog post. Then, looking at all the stuff I've hoarded, I decided to split it up into color groups - the leader in numbers being the coral-orange camp.

Looking at all the images I had for just ONE of the lipsticks, I gave up on that idea and will be doing these one by one like a sane person. :'D

Korean Lipstick Espoir No Wear S 'Jealousy' Coral Makeup Watercolor Illustration

So my favorite shade goes first! It's part of the No Wear S line and the color is called 'Jealousy'.

'Jealousy' is the orange shade on the very right.
Image source and collection overview on Espoir's official site.
Espoir has some of the widest color selections I've seen on the Korean market and I'd had my eyes on like ten of them for a while. When the limited collection called 'Pastel Punch' came around in Spring 2015, I finally caved and got my first 'middle range'-y priced lipstick. At 19,000\ it clocked in at more than double the price than any other lipstick I've bought in Korea. So, of course, I had high expectations for this!

Korean Lipstick Espoir No Wear S Jealousy Coral Makeup Packaging Photography Pastel Punch
Espoir 'Pastel Punch' Collection Packaging

The packaging is sleek and adorable. The matte plastic feels high quality, is light enough to carry around and robust enough to not be endangered by the mess that is the interior of my bag.

Superficial as I am, the color was what caught my eye first, though! It's the most gorgeous shade of pastel lavender, reminding me of macarons for some reason.

The shade's name is printed on the bottom.

Korean Lipstick Espoir No Wear S Jealousy Coral Makeup Packaging Photography Pastel Punch

A really nice touch is the mint colored ring only visible when the lipstick cap is removed. (prettyyy.....)

The cap itself is magnetic and it feels so luxurious to open it and snap it back on! Love the packaging overall, as you can see.

Korean Lipstick Espoir No Wear S Jealousy Coral Makeup Packaging Photography Pastel Punch
Everything is just so pretty!!

The shade is a coral, I THINK. Seriously, I'm so unsure about what to call it. It's coral leaning to orange one moment, and when I move into slightly different light, it's more pink.

I mean, look at this:

Korean Lipstick Espoir No Wear S Jealousy Coral Makeup Packaging Photography Pastel Punch

Korean Lipstick Espoir No Wear S Jealousy Coral Makeup Packaging Photography Pastel Punch
... orange??

I literally moved my hand ten centimeters and angled it a tad differently and it went from a warm pink (?) to a pastelly orange (???) and I don't understand colors at all.

Maybe I should just describe it as a bright pastel coral and leave it at that.

Korean Lipstick Espoir No Wear S Jealousy Coral Makeup Detail Photography Pastel Punch
There's some embossing going on~

The lipstick line of Espoir that goes under the 'No Wear' tag is said to be a 'Retouch Free', 'Weight Free' and 'Smudge Free' formulation. The 'S' stands for Semi-Matte and it's a creamy, moisturizing formula with a slight sheen that dries to more of a matte after some time. All three shades of their Pastel Punch Collection fall under that category, and even if this specific shade is now maybe hard to find, the same citeria apply to the rest of the No Wear S group.

Let's take it apart by that.

Smudge Free: It actually doesn't transfer, except for when it moves into the liplines, then it will transfer a bit when drinking, for example.
I went to the beach and swimming and even diving with this on, and it was still left as a nice corally hue after all that. It doesn't stain, though, just fades very slowly (and not always prettily).

Weight Free: It does feel nice, velvety and light on the lips. Despite drying into a nearly matte finish, it feels creamy when applied. I like the feel of it, if it weren't for the sticking-to-dry-patches factor, which brings me to:

Retouch Free: Ahaha, nope. This is high maintenance. It sticks to everything that's not perfect and sinks into lines. Being smudge-proof makes it hard to retouch, too, as it's difficult to dab away the previously applied layer before re-applying.

When I want to wear this, I need to do lip scrubbing, lip balming and re-apply at least once during the course of the day.

Korean Lipstick Espoir No Wear S Jealousy Coral Makeup Packaging Photography Pastel Punch

It works if I wear it on a vacation or a lazy day in the city when I have time to retouch, but not so much when running errands or working.

Maybe because of that, this color makes me feel like I'm on a vacation even when I'm not - it's my go-to shade for when I feel like I want to spend some time on myself, haha. Also, it forces me to do lip scrubs, which could be seen as a plus, I guess.

Korean Lipstick Espoir No Wear S Jealousy Coral Makeup Swatch Detail Photography Pastel Punch

I wrote at the very beginning of this post that it's my favorite shade of lipstick. Not my favorite lipstick, or favorite formulation - but the color saves it all for me.

I'm pale and sometimes my beloved orange shades make me look kind of sickly. Pink shades, on the other hand, rarely suit my mood - they tend to make me look even paler and younger. (strange problems I have...)

This is the perfect in between. It's cool-toned enough to fit my skintone, but there's the orange hue to it that I love. It's eye-catching if applied on the full lips because it's a quite bright and unique shade, but it can be toned-down (just dabbing it on in one layer) to suit heavier eye-makeup. I rarely do much with my eyes, so I depend on lip colors to do the heavy lifting.

Korean Lipstick Espoir No Wear S Jealousy Coral Makeup Swatch Pastel Punch
From far away, the dry patches aren't even visible. Victory!!

All in all, this is such a mixed bag, but I love it anyway!

I love the color, the pigmentation, the semi-matte finish, the gorgeous packaging, the slightly sweet scent, the long-lasting qualities and that it doesn't transfer. I've found ways to work around the the downsides of this lipstick - mainly to moisturize and accept that no-one but myself actually will look at my lips that closely to even notice the dry patches.
Maybe those would be more visible with a darker shade, though, so I'm kinda hesitant about trying another shade from the same line.

Espoir's No Wear lipsticks also come in a confusing amount of different versions, like their basic, first 'No-Wear' line, then the 'No Wear Glam' and 'No Wear Touch' (which are shiny and more like a balm respectively), 'No Wear G' for glam/glossy, 'M' for matte, and newly their 'Lustre' line which looks very moisturizing. As mentioned before, Espoir's color selection is HUGE, ranging from the typical pinks and reds to nudes, oranges, purple and everything in between.

Will have to do some in-store swatching!

So, if you're looking for some special shade that requires a bit of work but is worth the effort, have a look around!

Update 2016: You can find some of my makeup illustrations in form of stickers and prints in my Etsy Shop :D


  1. i absolutely love the colour! It looks perfect on you. I've never tried Espoir products before. Have you used anything else from Espoir before?

    1. Thanks! <3 I'll maybe do some more swatches to show the color on actually scrubbed and moisturized lips :'D
      This is my first and so far only Espoir product! I've swatched a lot, though, and love their pigmentation for lipsticks in general! Also had some samples (primer and foundation) which were wonderful - I only read nice stuff about the brand on Korean blogs, too.

  2. As always, Evy love your artwork! And what a lovely ..coral shade? lol I love it on you, it's gorgeous. Definitely summarizes "Summer time" into one shade of lipstick! :D <3

    1. Thank you!! Haha, the color indecision goes on! lol
      It comes out quite true to real life in the portrait, though! Now I need to find ways to use it during autumn haha

  3. The picture above of you wearing espoir lipstick with/ without any moisturization base? How much exactly is this new edition lipstick because the color caught my attention so much!

    1. Yes, I've just put on the lipstick only to show how it looks without any primer/moisturizer/peeling. Espoir lipsticks are 19,000 Won, so about 16 USD. The shade was a limited edition, so if you can't find it online, maybe their regular line has something similar! There's a shade called 'Corali Day' (part of the No Wear S like the one in my review) that looks exactly the same in the online swatches! :D here: http://www.espoir.com/product.do?method=view&prdCd=111001035

  4. Oh I love it the color of this lipstick is super pretty


    1. Thank you! <3 I adore the color, so glad you like it too!

  5. Wow, also die Farbe als Stift hätte mir nun gar nicht einmal so gut gefallen. Aber auf deinen Lippen sieht sie super aus! Und wie geil ist denn bitte diese Verpackung :D

    1. Die Farbe ist etwas speziell, nicht wahr? :D Danke! Aber ich glaub, die wuerde fast jedem stehen! ^_^