27 October 2016

Dewy Red - Innisfree Creammellow in #8 Review

Winter is coming (...) and I'm revisiting my old favorites for the colder season. That means lipbalms, the return of facial oils and my Creammellow lipsticks.

I've reviewed shade #3 'Cream Coral' previously but actually bought both at the same time (yay 1+1 sale events). The Creammellow range by Innisfree is perfect for the colder months, with a very moisturizing formula (containing Camellia Oil) that hides my terribly flaky lips.

Red lips~ 
The one I'm reviewing today is my favorite red lipstick, shade #8 Moist Dewy Red.

I've yet to find another Korean lip product that combines strong pigmentation, a neutral red shade and wearable, moisturizing texture (plus affordable pricing...) and believe me, I've been searching.

The Creammellow line was a follow-up to the Color Glow Lipstick by the same brand, sporting a creamier, heavier texture but similar design. Overall, the colors are also more durable, glossy and the release was autumn-themed, with the marketing focusing on deep or muted/nude shades.

Back then, finding good MLBB nude-ish shades or darker reds was still a bit of a struggle in the very brightly colored Korean lipstick world, so I went with the mentioned Cream Coral #3 and Moist Dewy Red #8 for their novelty.

The rose gold accents differentiate the Creammellow lipsticks from the Color Glow's silver ones.

Fair warning: I do find the actual color just a tad cooler than the official swatches suggest. Just the tiniest bit, but still, for red hues, that can make all the difference depending on what you're looking for.

It depends a bit on the lighting, and strangely on the amount of layers I apply. The first layer seems slightly cool-toned, but a second layer goes away from pink undertones and leaves me with true red lips.

One lightly dabbed-on layer.

Second layer on top for stronger pigmentation.

Really like the even adherence to my lips and how the Creammellow lipstick makes
them look healthy and moisturized.

HUGE PLUS: This lipstick leaves an actual stain! The swatch on my arm left a red stain even after 8 hours and being washed off with water. It's a bit less forgiving around oily foods, but still, the staining power does pack a punch.

(Direct sunlight) - stain left after eating noodle soup and doing outdoorsy stuff for a couple hours.

The color lasts about 3 hours without eating, and fades very prettily without settling into lip lines or leaving uneven color - something Innisfree has managed really well with their lip products in general.

One layer, cloudy day natural lighting.
I'm getting old lol... 

Now for the sad part:

It seems the Creammellow line has been discontinued. They don't show up on the Korean innisfree site anymore (the Color Glow line has disappeared a few months earlier, too), having been replaced by the Real Fit Creamy Lipstick line.

Ironically, my review of the #3 Cream Coral lipstick literally ended with: "They won't run away." Nope, they ran.

While the Creammellow lipsticks are still available in global online shops, I did find a possible replacement for this particular shade. #4 of the Real Fit Creamy lipsticks is called exactly the same as #8 here, and the color does look similar (I never trust official swatches, though) if more warm. The finish seems more glossy, but again, that might just be the swatch and lots of Photoshop.

The new Real Fit Creamy line, #4 Moist Dewy Red
My favorite Korean beauty blogger on Naver has posted swatches of the entire line. I like her pictures since she doesn't Photoshop too heavily (a lot of Korean bloggers crank up the exposure and blurr all lines until all lipsticks look the same) and her swatches are all very accurate. Her swatch looks really similar to what I currently own, so maybe the actual color is the same and only the formulation has changed. #fingerscrossed

On that note, other shades of the Creammellow range that pop up in the new Real Fit Creamy range:

Creammellow #4 Warm Coral Grapefruit Tea is Real Fit Creamy #2.

Creammellow #7 Cherry Red is Real Fit Creamy #3.

Sadly, my old fav #3 Cream Coral is nowhere to be seen.

I want to take a look at those in store to compare the texture, too.

Some red lipsticks age me by about five years, so now that I've turned 28, I love that this one DOESN'T. 

Future restocking options aside, I really love this shade and line in general. 

- Strong, buildable pigmentation
- Brightens complexion instead of aging up
- Creamy texture that blends out lip lines and hides chapped lips
- No need for lip balm before use
- Very moisturizing
- Leaves a red stain
- Fades evenly
- Wearable red hue for daily use with one layer
- Strong enough for evening makeup with two layers

Affordable at 12000\ per lipstick, the new Real Fit Creamy line retails at the same price. 

Thank you for reading! :D Have a grumpy Hedwig to finish...

Two layers of the lipstick #8 - I like how well this shade works for casual settings, too!


  1. Don't fuss about your age, you look great!😆 i don't notice any difference to your older photos besides that you seem a tiny bit slimmer (can that be?) The color fits you very well and i like the combination with the red/blue shirt, so lovely! Hedwig is also a very professional and adorable model😁 i love this lipstick, too! Pity it is discontinued😥
    I love reading your review(s)😄👍👍

    1. Haha, thanks! I had to zoom in on my wrinkles to get a good look at the lipstick swatches, so I'm mildly terrified. ;) My weight goes up and down over time, so that's possible!
      I really love this shade with simple clothes like the flanel shirt, it looks so effortless! Hedwig always looks a bit put-upon when we take pictures, but he's super cuddly anyway. <3
      Let's hope the new release has the exact same color! Thank you for commenting! :3

  2. Arghh, please excuse my multiple posts😓 it's the first time i comment and i am on mobile, so it seems i have messed something up...😣

    1. No problem! mobile does the strangest things! :'D

  3. Aufgetragen sieht der Lippenstift richtig schön aus. Rein von den Pressebildern wäre aber die Nummer 10 mein Favorit :)

    1. Oh, Nummer 10 hat sich meine Mutter damals geschnappt! Ist in Realitaet ein Bisschen brauner als auf den Pressebildern. Hab den auch ein paar Mal von ihr geklaut, ist ne sehr schoene Farbe! :3

  4. wow, die Lippenstifte sind traumhaft schön
    ich mag die softe Pigmentierung und die wundervolle farbe
    klasse Review, mir gefällt, dass du die Produkte auch direkt testest :D

    alles Liebe deine AMELY ROSE

    1. Danke! Rote Lippenstifte sind meine grosse Liebe haha.
      Den Lippenstift habe ich schon seit einem Jahr, das kann man schon fast nicht mehr testen nennen :D

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