8 November 2015


If you've been following my blog since its creation not too long ago, you may have noticed how my initial 'daily drawings' evolved into makeup sketches and have gotten more detailed and elaborate along the way. Now I've finally gotten around to printing some of my works onto gift cards, textiles, hand mirrors and stickers!

Update 2016: You can find the prints and stickers in my Etsy Shop, too.

From the beginning, I had lots of fun doing these little beauty drawings. I started to use them for makeup reviews and, through this blog and instagram, even got several art commissions!
I wanted to introduce some of these projects to you. I'm experimenting with slightly different art styles for each of them, so hopefully this will be interesting.

First, my collaboration with Bisou Beauty Bar. Bisou is an online store, selling an interesting selection of both high- and low-end Korean brands in Canada.

Since we've started working together, I've created several product illustrations (for the cutest promotions ever??), as well as their business card and additional illustrations like the Pop-Up Shop below.

For these, I tried to make the overall feel of the illustrations more 'professional' - not as cutesy and simple as the ones that I'm using for my own reviews, but still colorful!

Then, I got two Blog Header commissions in short succession. For them to not look similar, they were created with a different atmosphere and, of course, color scheme in mind.

Shia from 'Shiaswelt' contacted me first, and to fit her new blog design I've included soft brown linearts with a mostly rose color palette. While the individual products are quite cute in their packaging, I tried to give the overall illustrations an elegant vibe!

She even uploaded some of the sketches and wips from this project! Way more dilligent than I am myself... haha...

Sooyoona from 'Something Beautiful' was up next, and I worked on both illustrations more or less simultanously. Her color preferences were blues and greens, and as we included not only makeup products, but a variety of other personal favorites of hers, the header became more and more colorful! The result was a playful, vibrant illustration with lots of whimsical details.

Check out both of their blogs to see the header images 'in action' and, of course, have a look at the blogs themselves! It was fun to work with K-Beauty Bloggers from my home country Switzerland and neighboor Germany! :)

So, what now? Now it's time for a little online store!

I really want to pursue this direction with my art. While I love drawing Manga and Children's picture books, and of course have to do my monthly share of bread-winning freelance illustrations, I really enjoy combining my love for drawing, watercolors and makeup!

Now that I'm done with printing, I'm really excited to show you some of the pictures!

I've made a Google Form to function as an online store - it's always been the easiest way to keep orders in one place!

So, I'll mostly do a blog sale here during November (I'll start shipping out items on the 16th, but orders can already be made!), pause during December, and then do the full-scale Etsy launch in January. (edit 2016: Well, it happened in February)

The stickers were made primarly because my cushion cases are old, battered and ugly, and I wanted to decorate them! There's been so many limited editions of cases released this  year in Korea, but I resisted hah...

...I'm really happy with how these turned out! :)

Additional, higher quality images of all products can be found in the order form!


  1. Oh wie cool, die Stickers würde ich mir ja nun direkt gleich bestellen ;) Aber das muss wohl bis nächsten Monat warten. Hast du dir schon einmal überlegt, einige deiner Zeichnungen bei Redbubble anzubieten. Da könnte man sogar Schals, Handyhüllen und noch viel mehr drucken lassen.

    1. Hihi, danke! :D Naechsten Monat bin ich in der Schweiz - wenn du rechtzeitig bestellst, bring ich die Sheets einfach mit und send sie von da. A-Post. ^__-
      Redbubble hatte ich mir schonmal angeschaut! Der Unterschied ist halt, dass ich dann das Drucken und Verkaufen vollkommen aus meinen Haenden gebe. Das fuehlt sich etwas seltsam an - aber wenn ich eines Tages sehr viele Motive auf Lager habe ist das sicher auch eine Moeglichkeit! :D

  2. I love your designs, they are so elegant and those stickers are super cute!!! They look super cute on your cushion compact, the ones released by different brands are usually a bit immature for my taste but yours are so chic. I can’t wait to see more of your work.


    1. Thank you so much! I'm trying to walk that line between cute and elegant, so glad that it actually looks like that to other people, too!
      There are some very pretty cushion cases lately, but I actually prefer to make my own versions. My bank account prefers it, too ;)

  3. Wow, the cushion cases look splendid. You are an amazing artist.


    1. Thank you! :) I'm quite happy with how it turned out!

  4. Was fuer eine tolle Idee!
    Die Stickers sehen besonders schoen auf den Cushions aus. :D

    1. Haha, danke! Die Idee kam mir, als ich versuchte, den Kauf von Limited Edition Cushion Cases zu rechtfertigen. :'D